there is only one in the world!!! look how pretty!!!

  1. this is a special order item....and there is only one in the world!!! i came across in the japanese web site....LOOK HOW PRETTY!:heart: :drool:

    it says it's made with croc..... 1,495,239 yen!!

    this is the regular one!! 208,572 yen

    and some bonus pics....:p


  2. gorgeous!
    thanks for the eye candy. :love:
  3. omg... That is so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing...:flowers:
  4. FYI: the middle one was/is on let-trade. Not sure if it sold already.
  5. Don't like the bag, but love the trim!
    Thanks for the pics!
  6. ^ITA! The trim is TDF!
  7. Wow... very pretty! Thanks for the pics!
  8. There are five colours coming this fall!
  9. omg! how adorable!i love the mc with croc leather the most!
  10. IK!!! Can't wait to see the rest of the colors!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  11. I wonder who is the lucky person buys that bag!
  12. isn't this the one they did make into about 20 to 30 different colors and it came in a matching steamer trunk? I'll try to find a photo but the large set was a one of a kind and I think they auctioned it off?
  13. At the LV Boutique inside Bloomingdale's SCP there was a Marilyn with Indigo Croc Trim this past weekend...not sure if it is still there though.
  14. Love the croc marilyn!!
  15. Love the colour of the trim.:nuts:
    Thanks for the great pics.