There is nothing like a Speedy!

  1. Just had to share with everyone, I LOVE my speedy! It was such a nice day outside that I thought I'd take my old Lanvin Kansas out for a walk...but I got so frustrated with all the different compartments (there's a stupid divider pocket thing, and I HATE it!) that I didn't even want to carry it anymore. So I threw my stuff back in my trusty ol' speedy...and I have to say, there is nothing like it! Sweet and simple! I love it! :yahoo:

    That is all.:wlae:
  2. Which Speedy do you have?

    My Speedy with to the mall today.
  3. I have a Damier 25 and a mini lin in them both!
  4. ^ I had the Mini Lin but got rid of it.

    I have the Damier and Mono, both 30.
  5. Feeling the speedy love today with my Damier 30 :p
  6. I always look forward to going out somewhere so I can bring my speedy too :smile: I have a mono 25.
  7. I love my speedy bags, too!! I have the azur, mono, and patchwork in blue...all 30's. I just got the mirage speedy in black. The speedy is such a great bag!
  8. I'm falling in love with my speedy more and more each day! It's funny because I used to hate the mono speedy; I thought it was ugly, common and impractical. But then tpfers enabled me hehe and I bought a mono speedy 30 a month ago and it's practically the only bag I use now! I even use it more than my dream Chanel bag!
  9. I didn't realise you could put so much into the bag.

    I noticed not many people stare at the Damier like they do the Mono.
  10. I am madly in love with my mono 30. So much that I still haven't brought myself to buy another yet, I just cant put the damn thing down.
  11. I have two speedys, black epi 25 and the mirage. I love the look and I love carrying them even more now that I have a chamelion insert. That thing rocks!
  12. I love speedys too! gotta get one in every style!
  13. Aww, you all are making me miss my Mono Speedy 30! It went with my mom to Hong Kong this morning and it won't be back for more than a month! Maybe now is the time to go and get the Damier one...;)!!
  14. I definitely think it's time!
  15. I have two Speedies - Damier and Epi and I LOVE them!!! I have bags that are a LOT more expensive, but these two are my most precious!