There is no way I was THIS GOOD this year...

  1. Between my husband, parents, brother, mother/father in law, and sister in law...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    My younger brother, god bless him...gave me the ergo hobo, the legacy strip pony scarf, AND one of the gift cards! (my birthday is one month from today...he said I wasn't getting squat...hehe...I felt bad accepting all this!)

    The Carly was from my DH

    The other gift card and key fob were from my parents

    The agenda is from my in-laws (I LOVE the small size of it! didn't think I would, but I do!)

    And the wool scarf is from my SIL...I love this soft. (and, incidently, my DH bought her the chocolate ergo hobo...hehehe...we have like 3 of the same bags!)

    I was very blessed this year...and I really don't deserve this all...but I love my family very much and hope they know how unnecessary this was...but how totally appreciative I am of it!
  2. Great presents! I am sure you did deserve such lovely gifts. Enjoy!
  3. nice presents- congrats :smile:
  4. Awesome, Dewey! You must've been very good! LOL! I got the ergo hobo in chocolate and a khaki/beet Carly so we're almost bag twins! Everything's gorgeous!
  5. OMG! You must have been an Angel this year! :angel:

    Congratulations! I'm sure you are loving every single gift.
  6. Dang girl - you are so lucky!! I don't have anyone else that will buy Coach for me. No one else "gets" it...although I think I'm converting my mom...very slowly!! Great loot - I love both of your scarves...and the CARLY!!
  7. Your family obviously feels you deserve these beautiful gifts, so wear them proudly!!! Those are wonderful items and you will think of each of your family members each time you wear one! Enjoy them.
  8. great gifts. congrats on all of your goodies.
  9. I love the chocolate Ergo. I want one :amuse:
  10. OMG!!!! You totally scored... Congrats
  11. You must have been a saint! :biggrin: Congrats on all of your loot. I love that your family "gets" you. Mine like to buy me clothes...
  12. You did something right and have a great family. I love the agenda and the carly. Congrats!!!
  13. awww...thanks all!
    Yeah, it took a year or so...but they finally "get" that I have this "addiction"

    I gave alot of Coach this year too though...a Scarf to my MIL, mini-skinny (with a check stuck inside) to my college-aged SIL, and a bag to my mom...along with a "hand me down" two bags...she's lovin' them both!

    now..I just need to figure out which to use first! LOL! I'm thinking Carly...definitely the Carly!
  14. Congrats! LOVE the Legacy scarf, scarf, and the Carly!

    Can't wait to see what you spend those GC's on!
  15. NICE! :tup: