There is no going back after this, is there?

  1. I did it, I bought my first designer bag: small gaucho. :yahoo: I love it, perfect for me :love: The only trouble is I want another high end bag and that ain't good for my wallet.
  2. Haha, welcome to the club!! Love that gaucho! I love the whole line... it's gorgeous!

  3. <drools over your mini Gaucho>

    I've been wanting the mini one for ages!!! Yours looks divine, especially in that sexy dark brown color!

    Yeah once you start, there's no stopping (but not in a scary way...more like in a wild and fun kinda way)!

    May I ask what other bags you have in mind?! :biggrin:
  4. I made a mistake and tried also a cannage medium hobo while buying the gaucho and now it is haunting me :girlsigh:

    Mulberry's Tyler is also a very nice looking bag. I'm trying to find something smart for work: something chic with attitude. Miu Miu coffer was my first obsession but seeing it IRL I think it's too big, but still on top of my list :love:
  5. very cute i like the small/mini size very much as i am petite. i reeeaally want one! also would like a lady dior :smile:
  6. Very cute- you will def be buying more in the future
  7. Gorgeous! And no there is no going back, hehe.
  8. congrats!!!! :yahoo:
  9. its beautiful - congrats!
  10. Congrats!!! beautiful bags, on my wishlist to get it someday.
    Yep! I'm a victim myself, just starting to buy designer bags september 2006 and I already purchased 6 bags (3 chanel, 1LV) have to sell the LV and 1 of chanel to fund the 2 Dior purses which I purchase in 4 days, working on my third one now. Yep, there is no turning back!!!!
  11. such a great bag - congrats, I love it!!!

    welcome to your new addiction!! :p
  12. a hearty welcome to the purse maniacs and terrible enablers` club:graucho: ( the amounts of bags and shoes they just MADE me buy ;) ! ) i love your mini gaucho ! such a great choice - the off white mini looks cool too ....:graucho:
  13. congrats!
  14. Congrats - and no, there's no way back, it's an addiction
  15. Very cute!!!Lovely!