THERE IS HOPE...................! Lost & found story*

  1. Are you ready for this???

    About 2 months ago I was helping my Mother move into her new apartment.
    It was about 12:00pm Midnight & my Mercedes was parked on the street, right in front of her place. *UNLOCKED* I thought it would be o.k. since we were in & out of door actively all day & the car was in close range. It is a Senior Living Security Park so I felt extra safe parked there.
    When suddenly I realized......................Holy Sh*t!
    Where is my Handbag???? I had left it in the back seat of my UNLOCKED car after running to the convenient store real quick for some snacks.

    My Handbag: "CHANEL" limited edition
    Classic Flap Jumbo in "Blush" Patent Leather
    $1900.00 retail

    OK?? Are you starting to feel my pain???
    I ran out to the car as fast as i could...praying it was still there......BUT IT WASN' was gone.......& never to be seen again!
    Yes, I was robbed! I felt sooooo violated! I can't even express in words how I felt!
    The car had been shuffled through....papers everywhere!
    They also stole my brand new Diamond Watch I had just purchased a week prior to this from a fellow PF'er! It was an expensive White Ceramic Diamond watch too! I had it wrapped around the gear shift.....yes..... in my UNLOCKED car! waaaaaaa!!!
    Not to mention all the LV & Chanel accessories I had in my handbag that meant so much to me as well. Credit cards & 400.00 cash, etc....that was about 2 months ago.......

    Anyhoo....I went to visit my Mom today & I got a visit from a neighbor who had found the White Diamond Watch in the street (Broken band...but can be fixed)
    He returned it to me this evening.......I am in shock! I am soooo Happy!
    My handbag was never found but my lovely watch was!
    Isn't this an AMAZING story??? This kinda stuff NEVER happens to me, so its still setting in!!!

    There is Hope afterall!!!
    Oh here are some pic's of my pieces!
    47b7d811b3127cce86a8ab48af3700000026108AZMXDdw2asp.jpg janets pic's for the purse forum 002.jpg
  2. YAY! I'm glad to hear something showed up! Sooo sorry to hear about your bag, though. How heartbreaking to read. May karma get that terrible thief!
  3. Aww keykey!!! A great ending to a terrible story!!! So glad you got the watch back and you are fine :heart: And I totally agree with the Karma :yes:
  4. I found a picture of the accessories I carried around with me that were Stolen as well!
    Chanel Wallet, Chanel Cigarette Case, Chanel Cosmetic Case, Chanel Sunnies, Chanel keyholder
    janets pic's for the purse forum 205.jpg
  5. Oh my!! That's awful, but I'm so glad that you got the watch back. Who knows, perhaps someone else will find the bag.... sometimes these people throw them into the nearest trash can after rifling through them. I've got my fingers crossed for you!! I'm sorry it happened.
  6. I'm so sorry that your stuff was stolen. I'm glad that you got your watch back, though.
  7. KeyKey, I'm so happy you were able to get something back. And probably the most expensive thing that was stolen!

    I'm like you and am a pathetic trusting fool. If I'm running into the store for a quick trip or parked at someone's house I never lock my car. My DH is on my case constantly.

    What is it with some people? What I absolutely don't get at all is how can anyone actually steal something so personal from somebody? I bet you felt totally violated afterwards. To think some weirdo was actually in your car rummaging thru your personal things. Yuck!

    This is also a good lesson in the fact that what we carry in our handbags is probably worth about the same as the original handbag cost!
  8. What amazes me is to read you left your purse in a car. Let alone a unlocked car. It does not matter where you are, leaving a car unlocked is like giving a thief a free pass to steal. There have been a few posts here on stealing purses from cars.
    It was nice that you were able to get your watch back. Must have been a really dumb thief to leave that on the street.
  9. Glad you got the watch back but heartbreaking about the bag & it's contents!
  10. Congrats...something good did happen!
  11. Awww Janet I'm so sorry that happened to you!!!!! That is awful!!!!! I'm glad you were able to get the watch back nice of that person to be honest and return it!
  12. I remember when this happened. I'm so glad you at least got the watch back!
  13. This is a good reminder to NEVER EVER leave valuables in your car in plain site! Even if you would of locked your car, they probably would of broken a window to get your things. I am a spaz and never leave my car unlocked, I even lock it when I'm filling up with gas, and i'm standing right there! Guess I'm goofy that way!
  14. I'm glad you were able to get atleast something back, even though it was a bit damaged. Sorry about your bag and all the contents. I always lock my car too, no matter where I'll be. You just never know ... I mean, someone could come up and just grab something out of it with you in view! I used to drive with my doors unlocked until someone said "Wha?! That's so dangerous!" and then I realized she was right ... so now it's locked up all the time!
  15. i am glad u are ok!! and happy you got your beautiful watch back :biggrin: so sorry about ur other goodies :sad: i guess sometimes we have to learn it the hard way :'(