There is always room for ONE, TWO or THREE more...

  1. I have been really naughty and added 3 more Spies to my collection!! I found a great deal on eBay for a used Cognac and a Silver Spy!! :yahoo:The Silver spy won't be coming for another few weeks, but the cognac is here and I just received my Zucca spy this morning!! :heart::heart:I can see why everyone is on the Zucca band wagon....Am so delighted with my Zucca Spy...I purchased it online and they were really friendly and helpful. They sent pictures before I purchased it and were happy to answer any questions I had! Great service! Plus they have 30% off!!

    Anyway, here she is with her sister Cognac...will do a group shot of all my girls when Miss Silver comes in a couple of weeks! So excited!! When Miss Zucca arrived she was in a box which had the Fendi sticker on it with the reference etc...have posted a pic in case it can be helpful for authenticating.
    FendiZuccaleather1.jpg FendiZuccaleather2.jpg FendiLabel.jpg
  2. Congratualtions. Your ladies are Lovely...:drool: I can't wait to see my Zucca Spy. Did you get yours from Jomashop also?
  3. congrats!!! I swear the zucca spy is so effing hot, i would marry it if i wasn't married allready!!!

    i haven't seen anyone in cincinnati with it, i don't think i've ever seen anyone holding it IRL, i have only ever seen it at the fendi store in the Bahamas...

    i too am wondering where you got your zucca from?

    edit-i think from the tag, it says
  4. Congrats!!! It is quite lovely! :smile:
  5. Looks like my collection, I've got the same 2! Congrats on getting them. I love my new babies!
  6. Beautiful!! I'm glad you found some great deals. That paper picture of the spy is funny:p

    Daloo I'd marry them too..except I'd be polygamous:roflmfao:
  7. nice!
  8. Congrats, 3 at once, that's awesome!!!!
  9. Oh my, such stunning spys, love the Zucca, such a lovely collection cannot wait to see the other one to.
  10. Thanks everyone! ;)I am wearing Miss Zucca today and she is so lovely, she is sitting on my desk!!:heart: I find the tortuga handles much easier to carry on the shoulder compared to the knotted leather ones... I wanted to purchase from Jomashop but wasn't too sure how much the customs charges would be, so I found the website miss moda which was a pleasant surprise because I am always wary of purchasing from online websites, but they were great to deal with and very helpful!

    lhasalover Looking forward to seeing your zucca!! I think we need a Zucca Spy thread, seeing how popular and well loved it is!
  11. Hi, I just purchased mine form Jomashop and as for shipping, it really depends on the bag. Its ranges from 45USD-75USD. And for me, mine was shipped to Asia so they charged aroung 150USD. I hope this helps. As for the customs, you have to check it with your country.
    Take care! :girlsigh:
  12. Very very naughty!!! 3 spies at 1 go! Lucky girl and a very nice zucca. She's gorgeous! :girlsigh: Can't wait to see the silver!
  13. HBA - Keep dropping in to drool over the Spys!:drool:

    Can't wait to see the silver one join the family! Congrats!:yahoo:
  14. What a lovely family. Would it be indescreet to ask what you payed for the cognac ? I am more and more leaning towards the cognac and was wondering what a good deal would be. eBay always scared me especially when I don't know the brand. Thanks for helping and congratulations to your new aquisitions!
  15. congrats!!