There is a Trish on elux!!!!

  1. Lol... it is gone already!!
  2. No. it's not yet..I just tried to put it in my shopping cart, it works....
  3. OK...found a trick: search for " marc jacobs striping" , you will see it there.
  4. it's really gone, hope a girl here got it. :p
  5. Was it still $799 or had it gone down in price?
  6. ^ I'm sure it was still $799. eLuxury rarely marks down MJ bags a second time.
  7. I still saw it!!!
  8. Alright, who got it? who got it? :graucho:

    I love my Trish to the max, especially with the luxurious leather lining :drool::love::love: but I honestly haven't seen anyone with this bag ever!

    Well in general, I rarely see people carrying MJ bags compare to LV and Coach, or even Balenciaga. When I do see people with MJ, it's usually the classic styles like MP, Blake, or Venetia. Once in a blue moon I will see a REAL Stam.

    Does MJ bags just not popular enough? Sorry if it's becoming off topic but can't help but wonder :confused1:.
  9. whats a trish/> ?? what does it look like?>
  10. ^^Here's a pic of it:

  11. Please tell me for sure it wasn't marked down again...after searching for the Trish for forever, I gave up on it....for the time being :yes: