There is a new Silver/Pewter Stam...

  1. Which I may or may not have ordered. :nuts: It may or may not arrive tomorrow, so I might or might not post pics!

    I'm told that it's a dark silver with a beige canvas interior. There is also a cashew (on hold for me if I don't like silver) and another cream (forgot the name) and a bronze.

    I'm not one for metallic bags but I am absolutely intrigued by this!
  2. EXCITING!!!!
    I can't wait for pics!
  3. Ya know what's so crazy??? I forgot to even ask what color the hardware is?!?! How could I be so silly... I'm going to call right now.
  4. Oh my gosh, my bad. It just occurred to me that there is also a new bronze and I got to thinking that maybe my S/A guy is color blind. I just called and he said that the pewter bag IS the bronze but it is actually like a dark pewter, and not gold/bronze at all. And it has the gold hardware. Hmmm. I hope I haven't gotten myself into trouble here, but I can't wait to see it!
  5. Daisy, I saw a pic of the Bronze and if you like metallics at all, it is very pretty. It IS sort of blingy, but not extremely so.

    I was just about to ask you if by the Cashew, they could have meant Camel - I've had a SA confuse these 2 already as well. (And since you had the Bronze/Pewter mix-up........) The reason I asked is because I also saw a pic of the Camel and it's a little yellow for my liking. The Bronze was much prettier.

    Hope you love yours!
  6. I've seen the bronze in a banana hobo and in a large bowler. It's a very attractive color--not a "bright" metallic. There's a slight lavender/purple undertone to it. I think it's an attractive color and a great neutral metallic. Definitely post pics!
  7. *bites nails*

    Style, can you send that pic my way? I don't love the bling but it depends on the bag. I thought the camel color was called Cashew... but I think the S/A actually did call it camel so that was my mistake. Do NOT like the sound of it being yellow! Anyway, I'd love to see any pics you have!
  8. Wicked, interesting, thanks! I will bring my camera to work tomorrow and post as soon as I can.
  9. Saw the pics in the boutique, so I don't have them. The Bronze was the prettier of the two, but it was a definite metallic. Subtle bling, but still bling.

    The Camel is what they have in stock now. They seem to be confused on whether there is or isn't a different color coming out later called Cashew, but if there is, this one isn't it. This is Camel and it's like the color of an actual camel - LOL - has a definite yellow undertone.

    Neither one made me want to jump on them, but since I already have three, I was trying hard not to like them.:amuse: Hopefully you'll like the Bronze.........
  10. Hehe... yeah, you probably need NOT to like these so that works out.

    I returned my old Taupe because the color wasn't for me and somehow I didn't fall for any of the Spring colors. I kind of regret not getting Putty, I liked that one the best of the Spring colors. I'm just DYING for a sister for my Fall black--I hope I like her. I've never even had an urge for a metallic bag, especially in this price range, so I hope I'm not too disappointed.
  11. it's sounds lovely, exciting!!!
  12. sorry, my posts keep doubling up.
  13. Oh - I can't wait to see this! I've seen the bronze too, and think it's attractive. I wonder how it'll look on the stam? Can't wait for tomorrow!
  14. With all of the talk about the new Stams being in, I decided that I had to stop by the Marc Jacobs boutique on my way home from work this evening. I saw all three new bags: camel, bronze and cream.

    I hated the camel. Absolutely HATED it. Much of the appeal of the Stam to me is in its quirky charm, the slightly offbeat nature of the bag; all of this was lost on the camel. The color is terrible. Like some here had feared, it is very yellow. And it is flat and boring. If the camel Stam was the first Stam I had laid my eyes on, I don't know that I would have even considered giving the style of the bag another chance. I really think MJ missed the boat on this color.

    I quite liked the bronze; it was by far my favorite of the three colors. That being said, I'm not sure why they are calling it bronze. It is definitely more like a pewter/darker silver color. If I didn't already have a bag in this color I might consider purchasing the bronze Stam.

    The cream is basically the same cream that they have done in the past. I vastly prefer the patent cream, or "chalk" as it would be called from the S/S season. I think the patent chalk is a stand-out, and the regular leather cream/chalk doesn't even come close for me. And I'm not even a big fan of patents; I LOVE the patent chalk though.

    All in all, for me it was a fairly disappointing trip. Style, I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the bronze. Good luck.
  15. Thanks for the scoop, angst!!!!! It is *I* who has the bronze coming tomorrow and I'm glad to hear that you at least liked it the best out of the three.

    Why the heck would he release the bag in such an ugly color as the camel? There are so many GOOD colors out there! All those gorgeous colors he produced in the Bowler... lobster, apple green, midnight, etc. What is he thinking?