There is a Hermes God!!!!!!

  1. I am so excited, I'm writing from my T-Mobile Sidekick so I hope everything I'm typing comes out correct! I am sitting outside Hermes store in Manhasset after getting a call from my sales rep that my Fjord Marron Fonce Birkin came in!! It's so beautiful I can't explain it! It's much more beautiful than the Blue Jean! It looks like a Hershey's chocolate bar!!! The texture is so buttery, I am in love with this bag!!! Oh My GAWD! This is definitely the hottest bag I have ever owned! I am still in shock, I wasn't expecting to get this bag for a few months or at that at least a year!

    They also have a couple more that also came in I didn't see them because I just wanted to get out of there and post to you girls. Oh! And in the display unit they had what appeared to be a 32cm size Kelly in a deep red color croc with gold hardware, she said they got it in but that no one ordered it. It's just sitting there.

    As soon as I get home I will post pics!!!!
  2. Congrats on the new bag, we're all looking forward to seeing pictures!
  3. yeah, post pics as you get it...
  4. OH WOW!!! I can't wait to see your pictures. Congratulations!!!!
  5. Congrats! Can't wait to see it!
  6. Congrats!!!! :yahoo:
  7. Wow Baggaholic!! How nice!! Want to see pics...the croc Kelly must be beautiful too...wish I were there to see everything!! Maybe it's good I'm not? LOL
  8. OMG Baggaholic!!!!! Congratulations!!!! Way to go! :yahoo:

    Please, please, please post pics ASAP!!!!!!!!
  9. I'm waiting to see pics!!!! So happy for you!!! Congrats!!
  10. Wow, how exciting. I can't wait until you can get home and post pics:graucho: .
  11. :yahoo: I AM HAPPY FOR YOU :yahoo:
  12. When I grow up, I wanna be YOU Baggaholic! ;)
  13. ooo cool :smile:
  14. Is she home yet?

    How about now?


    Hurry, I wanna see pics.:yahoo:
  15. You're ONE lucky girl...!!!:yahoo:That's the bag I'm waiting Clemence or Togo...God knows when mine will arrive..?!?! Congrats!!! can't wait to see pics...:flowers: