There is a black birking with PH togo or clemence, 35 on display in Mad Ave store

  1. Happy shopping!
  2. Thanks Audrey, betcha anything it's already gone...put money on it?
  3. Oh god, my dream bag! Good thing I'm in Boston at the moment or else I'd go down there and plop down a card I ought not plop down.

    Why is Hermes so addicting?:shame:
  4. *cries* That's my bag! That's my bag... oh, man....
  5. Ooooooooh, I bet its gone too!
  6. Will they sell it to me over the phone and ship it? I tried once before and they said they could not do that....I wonder if this is still the case?
  7. Agent Kitty, they won't do it, unfortunately. UNLESS you have an SA there who knows you, and they have a physical imprint of your credit card, then occasionally they will. General rule though is that for Birkins and Kellys they will not.
  8. But I really really want it!
  9. Is it still there?
  10. Doubtful.
  11. No longer there.