"There has been a failure on the internets"... Internet Failure Hits TWO Continents!

  1. Check out CNN.com: http://www.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/meast/01/31/dubai.outage/index.html
    Man, this could be bad for banking and the stock market! Scary how much we rely on technology. I wonder if this was a terrorist thing, cutting that cable?

  2. I wonder if we'll hear anything from tPF'ers in Dubai; I know some ladies from the UAE are on the Hermes subforum...
  3. Yes, we've been having tons of problems with our net. I hope this gets resolved asap. I hate being without the net, it's my life line to the states. I would have to resort to calling back home, "it's not cheap" my family only calls me once or twice a week.

    razorbackbelle0, it is amazing how much we do depend on technology. Ten years ago I could go without the net. Now, nooooo wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Especially being so far away from home.
  4. Im in Saudi, and my internet was down all of yesterday - I was only able to get online for a couple of hours late lastnight. It was down all of today as well, and only started working at around 7pm. My father's office has been down since Wednesday. I was having serious withdrawl since i've got the flu so im stuck at home! But hopefully it will all be sorted out soon, its amazing how everything can come to a standstill so easily.