There Goes The Motherhood - Bravo TV

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  1. Anyone else watching this show?

    I just caught up with all 4 episodes currently out and am enjoying it. The set up is a bit different, showing the moms all together in a mommy group to discuss their issues and then the rest is like a reality show.
  2. Yeah. It has kept me interested more than I thought it would.

    Why on earth did they think Beth had a nanny? She is on the verge of a big downsize. And if she did. So what?

    I had no idea the girl from Wild Orchid married the record exec at the label. I have their CD. The more you know.
  3. It's interesting, but truthfully, just another reality show with catfights and put downs. I'll keep watching, as always there a few likeable women and a few that are train wrecks.
  4. I like this show. That one chick that hasn't gone on a date with her husband in years...girl bye. Get it together
  5. Beth and her rap...did not see that coming. I was in cringe mode the whole time.
  6. I thought I'd like Jen when the show first started, but I'm already sick of the drama between she and Beth. I really get a kick out of Meghan-she seems so real and down to earth compared to some of the others.

  7. Yea, I know!! I cringe when they show her kids in the pool, the water is green!!!!!
  8. I live here in L.A. Beth & Meghan live in Palos Verdes. My group of friends know Beth and actually like her. My favorite is Beth. At least half of our friends here are going through divorces. My least favorite, to the point that I want to BARF, is that namaste needy full of crap poser Leah. She is the stereotypical LA woman who acts like she is perfect, then you get to her house and it is borderline hoarder. She blames her mother for all her psychological problems and all she says is I want this, I want that.... Phony Poser Venice Beach Wierdo. Amy....don't get me started with that snot sounding horse face.