There goes my perfect feedback..rant

  1. I really hate ebay. honestly. I bought a pair of new (or so they said) rock and republic jeans on ebay because I can't find the style in my size anywhere. I received the jeans and honestly they're disgusting, the denim is pilling and fraying and smells awful!

    The ebay seller is being a real :censor: telling me I should've asked all questions before the auction ended. Um excuse me if the auction said the jeans were new w/o tags I'm going to assume they are indeed new. Her other response to the fraying was "i never worn them"

    Paypal has offered a partial refund of $30 but I'm thinking I should decline and opt for the full refund and return the jeans.

    I left the seller neg. fb stating I filed a dispute and the jeans clearly aren't new and now I have a retaliatory neg. fb as well! :cursing:

    Sorry for my rant
  2. I am so sorry! I think that whn you file a dispute they should not allow any feedback to be left until the outcome of it!
  3. I'm so sorry for you! That sucks!!!:cursing: I would be pissed too! I really believe people will see past this fb from the bad seller!
  4. I would respond to his feedback stating that its retalitory due to filing a complaint with Ebday.

    I hate people the do that (leave retalitory feedback) or lord your feedback over your head (feedback extortion). They make it hard for everyone to do business.
  5. I agree. Who would think you needed to ask if the jeans smelled before buying them. really! I'd fight this one if you can.
  6. I am sorry this happened to you. Ebay used to be soo good before. Anyways, I think you should fight this one. It was the fault of the seller not describing that the pants were in horrible condition. Fight this girl!
  8. I would keep fighting, can't you get a mutual agreement or something like that?
  9. Argh, I had the same experience Just now. I bought a phone to use as a spare, and it was stated as being "Second hand in EXCELLENT CONDITION" and it was so trashed, the amount of scratches on it was disgraceful so I contacted the seller and he basically said tough ****, i told you it was second hand, and left me negative feedback! All i wanted was a partial refund of $20 or so! Ebay is getting worse and worse...They're only in it for themselves and only protect sellers =/
  10. ^ Ruby, you should file an item not as described dispute on Paypal. That should tell the seller you mean business and he should give you a refund!
  11. You need to file complain with Ebay(Square Trade) and PayPal, there is live help on Ebay-they will give you correct link how to follow complain to withdraw your negative, it will cost $20, but then Ebay gives this money back. Don't accept partial refund, ask for mediation becasuse you're right.
    Same situation happened with me, I bought Vince sweater, and when I got my package it was smelly, with white stains in anderarms(worn obviously), but in description stated as BNWT, so I immediately e-mailed to seller. No response. After a week of one-way of e-mailing I left her negative and guess what, she left me negative within 30 seconds after mine.
    I filled complain form, paid $20 to get mediator's help to resolve this and sent stinky sweater to mediator, so she can observe and make her judgement. Seller gave me full refund and negatives were withdrawn. This *%&^&$ made her feedback private, she had like 98.4%, but it doesn't matter if it's private or not, you still see the rating, stupid thing... I never deal with anyone who has less than 99% rating anymore.
    What was funny that this %^$% seller said- that people like myself ruin her reputation. Yep.
  12. You should have waited to leave feedback after the dispute was finalized. The seller probably would have been more willing to work with the dispute, but now that feedback is left, they'll try anything to keep the money, this includes lying to Paypal.
  13. I've just worn my first negitive feedback and it was 100% retalitory! The buyer de-registers and decides not to complete the transaction after I offered to mutually lift the feedback and non-paying bidder strike.

    The buyer expected me to read her mind about the alleged "failed attempts to pay into my bank account". Funny how the defence conveniently only came to light when I closed the dispute and negged her. Up until that point she stopped communicating with me.
    I still have yet to see proof of these attempts.

    Still trying to find ways to get my neg lifted-the buyer does'nt care to deal with me anymore.
  14. The feedback system simply does'nt work-it nurtures retalitory feedback so those who rightfully deserve it are protected in the fear that the poster will be negged back.
  15. Squaretrade is useless IMO. If you do mutual neg withdrawal, it will still leave the comments.