There goes eBay again. . ."Helping Sellers" =)

  1. Now that most authentic handbag listings have been removed, eBay is stepping up to the plate to "help" all us eBay Sellers. How thoughtful. In fact, eBay called us today to discuss "ways to increase our eBay Stores business." Hello??? We clsoed our store 2 months ago =) Anyway, here is the notice from eBay:

    Hi...I'm Christophe Gillet with eBay Stores. I'm pleased to introduce a new tool called Markdown Manager that is now available for our eBay Stores subscribers. This free tool allows you to offer discounted pricing to your buyers by putting your Fixed Price and Store Inventory items "on sale." Your Sale items will display special strike-through pricing on the item page, along with a "Sale" logo, so buyers can easily see the discount offered.

    Key features of Markdown Manager include:

    -A quick, easy process to create a Sale item.
    -Easy management and scheduling capabilities.
    -Ability to apply discounts to specific listings, categories, or across all your Store Inventory or Fixed Priced listings.
  2. Boy oh boy, Ebay is really staying on top of their business, aren't they? We can't sell our AUTHENTIC handbags on Ebay because they have allowed counterfeiters to use Ebay as a brokerage house to sell the fake goods. Now the VERO rights holders are closing down authentic auctions w/permission of Ebay. We can't relist our items w/o permission, so we are stuck with high price things that we can't sell because of Ebay's poor business practices. Gosh, I think I want to call Christophe to see how he can help me with my markdowns---just what I want on Ebay ----to see my store as the K-mart of Ebay - special markdowns hourly!
  3. LMBO! "Attention Customers, there's a blue light special in lovelygarments ebay store."
  4. Wow...they have REALLY convinced me now! I am a seller there JUST b/c I get A LOT of sales from them...but, my god, it's the WORST!!
  5. LMBO! "Attention Customers, there's a blue light special in lovelygarments ebay store."

    If I still had my store, does that mean I would have to hire a door greater and start Rolling back my prices? I wonder if I could use the smiley face and get away with it and not have to worry about Walmart joining the Vero company and have me pulled for trademark missuse on the smiley face???
  6. sean- :roflmfao:
  7. LMBO!!!
  8. Completely agree.

    Those selling AUTHENTIC designer goods are penalised by eBay, and VERO pulls off the AUTHENTIC goods while I still see fakes swimming about. This has created poor sales for those sellers. Now they have the cheek to encourage those same sellers to put their high price merchandise on "sale". OMG. If that's not rubbing salt into a gaping wound, I don't know what is. Those poor sellers...
  9. Let's all with 4 year old kids open up a new auction site, lord knows they could do a better job than what is done at EBAY !!!!