There ever so versatile Eva's strap

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  1. Hi just got the Eva and I love that I can use the strap with other bags making my collection more versatile. Its a bit long on me so its best I wear it cross body. Below are some modeling shots.
    Eva and Roses Pochette

    Eva and speedy

  2. i love how it looks with the pochette!
  3. a good strap so i can be hands free!!!
  4. Great pics! I tried that with my speedy too but I think the 30 is too big! Yours is a 25 right? I think the 25 looks best with a strap :biggrin:
  5. Great idea!!
  6. Yeah mine is the Speedy 25. I think the strap is a tad bit too thin though.
  7. Good thinkin ;]

  8. Me, too! When I purchased my Pochette, I also purchased the long strap to wear it with. It makes the bag more convenient!
  9. Great idea! I never thought that this could work! I will try wearing it this way....thanks
  10. Thanks for sharing. Great idea
  11. Nice
  12. The strap looks so nice with your pochette! What great ideas, thanks so much for posting the pics! I really like the way it looks with your speedy too!
  13. Looks great - thanks for sharing!
  14. can it hold a speedy? that seems risky to me? but i do carry alot in my speedy and yours looks empty
  15. Hey guys, how much is a long strap? Can't find it online :sad: TIA