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  1. As I posted on the Jimmy Choo forum, I went a little insane at the NM sale and bought three bags. I can only keep one of them (maaaaaaaaaybe 2), and I'd like you guys' votes!

    I got:

    Zac Posen Doctor's bag:

    JC white Mahala:

    and the large YSL Muse in Oak:

    I'm a little concerned about a white bag - I am afraid they get dirty and it might be a little impractical?
  2. I vote for the Mahala. I love that Zac Posen design, but not those colors.
  3. I think the Mahala in white would be lovely. The muse is a nice bag, but oak sounds autumnal to me.
  4. The Mahala definitly!!! IMO, the Muse is over and the Zac Posen (while I love his stuff) is a little stiff looking. (Of course it could be that I'm just over the Muse).
  5. Well, it is autumnal, but I live in Chicago and we only get like 3 months of summer anyhow. :Push:
  6. You have great taste. I like all of them but the first one really struck me. I'd get that one, even though it has white trim. Good luck!
  7. I vote for the Mahala followed closely by the Muse.
  8. I am in Chicago too--if you are ok with saving it, then go with the muse. Right now I can't make myself carry my oak B fendi :sad:. It just doesn't feel right!
  9. another vote for the mahala! sooo cute!
  10. I love all three, but the Mahala the most.
  11. I think the Mahala is the prettiest of the three and the most practical! The Muse is nice, but the Mahala is different.
  12. I like the Mahala and also the Muse - but bare in mind that probably a lot of people would also have a muse - so maybe the Mahala would stand out more!

    I love white bags! Just spray it with a protectant before you start using it and the dirt can be easily wiped off!
  13. I love the Oak colour on the muse! It's just so rich and really makes the bag look classic. I bet it would go with everything too. The Mahala looks great too. I guess it depends on weather you need a brown or black bag more. I love the design of the Zac Posen bag SOOOOO much but i tried it on IRL and it was ridiculously heavy and a little awkward. I didn't find it to be very practical.
  14. I'd go for either the Mahala or the Muse, depending on what you want to use it for. Such great choices!
  15. Oh, that's great feedback. I hate bags that are so awkward that I can't do anything but carry them. That might go for the Muse too.

    Sounds like the Mahala might be a winner! What do I treat it with to keep the white from getting dirty?

    Question for the LA ladies: Do you carry white bags longer than we do in Chicago? Husband may be getting a job there. I hope I hope