There are still good people on ebay!

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  1. I know eBay can seem like a battlefield with lying sellers and crazy buyers, so I thought it'd be good idea to share positive eBay experiences:

    A while ago I sold a model car but forgot to include the documentation when I shipped it. When I found out a few days later I messaged the buyer apologizing for my error and to tell him that I just sent the papers out and that he should receive them within a few days. Instead of getting no reply or just an "oh thanks" I got a wonderful message thanking me for my follow-up. And then a few days later I got another message:

    Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I recieved the paperwork for the car today. I really appreciate your extra effort. Its people like you that really make up for the way some traders treat their buyers! Thanks again and HAPPY EBAYING!!!

    His kindness and grattitude in the face of my error really reaffirmed my love of eBay and made me more optimistic about future transactions. :tup:

    So what's your ebay story with a happy ending?
  2. Great thread - I have had wonderful ebay experiences - recently I purchased a Marc Jacobs Ursula Bowler from a pretty new ebayer -was hesitant at first to even want to bid... I emailed her for more pics, she sent me even more than I asked for. Once I hit BIN, she emailed me the status every day until I received it, thanking me for my purchase. The bag is gorgeous, authentic, and was in the best packaging I've ever seen. She later emailed me again, thanking me, and asking how I liked the bag. I had asked her to ship USPS rather than her usual UPS - she was so gracious and gave wonderful fb.
  3. Isn't it nice when you come across a nice one?!
    I had a nice experience today...I had a gift card listed, but I found out after the auction had already ended, that I listed it at the wrong amount. I contacted the seller, refunded them, and immediately got a response saying "No problem, mistakes happen". They actually wanted to purchse the gift card (less the $100 that I originally thought that it was worth), and I sent them an invoice and they paid immediately. I told them that I really appreciated their understanding and that I wished all ebayers were as nice to work with!
  4. I did a real stupid thing last summer when I had several listings that ended at the same time. I shipped out a miu miu bag (at least a few hundred) before the seller paid. ARGHHHH!!! I emailed her and thankfully she was an honest buyer- what an idiot I am!!!:rolleyes:
  5. One transaction like this can keep me Ebaying for days with a smile on my face - thanks for letting us know!
  6. I know what you mean. I had so much fun selling my Louis speedy (except for the fact that I was selling it so good I wanted to buy my own item!) that I made a "friend" out of my winner. She was so nice, she even said that if we lived closer we'd be shopping buddies:smile:. I hope to meet more of those
  7. I was selling a YSL Mombasa and was contacted by a buyer with questions and as we started e-mailing back and forth, I found that she was asking some very specific questions because she had just purchased another brown Mombasa that was a different size and she had been very disappointed. And I got all excited because it sounded like hers was the size I had been looking for. So we ended up working out a swap and it turned out we did each have the exact bag the other one wanted. A very happy ending.
  8. Great.

    It is worth all of us remembering that there are good ebayers out there.
  9. V.O., you are absolutely right. I think it's just becoming increasingly hard to find them. Thanks for reminding all of us that there are good folks out there.

    I recently bought a bag from a seller and she was so nice and personable, we ended up chatting some and I came to find out she lives a matter of a few miles from my home town in N.Y. I bought a second bag from her and added her as a favorite seller. She helps make up for the recent problematic purchases I made.
  10. i bought a chloe paddy off ebay and i had the sweetest the nicest seller...but we didnt keep in touch...then she discovered PF, recognised me and we are best pal buddies ever now :heart:! ( there is an ocean bewteen us so no shopping trips together ! :crybaby:
  11. It's nice to hear some good news on the ebay front. The really nice ones make it all worth it! There's nothing better than getting a glowing email from a happy buyer! Or getting an item that's spot on! Cheers!
  12. My latest favorite eBay story was finding out I had sold a Marc Jacobs bag to a tPF regular! I found this out after the sale and told her my tPF screen name. She didn't realize it was me either because me eBay ID is very different that my tPF screen name. That was a hoot. It made me feel great because I knew the bag was going to a loving home. :tender:

    And OF COURSE we both gave each other great feedback because tPF gals know how to do eBay right! :rochard:
  13. Yes there are some good people on ebay. I have been very fortunate, in the 200+ transactions I have had, I have only been ripped off once to the tune of $260 so I figure that's not too bad!
    I still have faith in the ebay venue, feedback means a lot to reputable sellers and I find most are willing to bend over backwards to make the sale work and satisfy the buyer as long as you carefully read the conditions of listing.
  14. I bought a couple things on ebay and on all my purchases I only received one personalized thank you note from a seller. I think it's a tiny detail but it made the difference and I went back to buy more from this very polite and educated seller.
  15. Yes, yes, yes! I have a lot of long time buyers, who make ebay worthwhile. Some going back to as far back as 1999. And I make a lot of concessions for long time buyers and new ones who follow the conditions of the sale. I usually have a no returns policy, but if a good customer or an honest mistake is made by the buyer, and they are polite and nice, I will go out of my way for them.
    It's the scammers and the rude ones who tend to sour ebay for the rest of us. But nothing beats wonderful buyers! And getting emails how much the buyer appreciates the service, item etc. makes it fun!