There are some new styles up at NM

  1. Cute, but not my taste.
  2. None of them are really my style...which is good for my bank account!
  3. Hmm yeah, none of these are doing it for me either.
  4. Nothing strikes my fancy.

    I saw a pretty pink/green/cream pastel closed toe python slingback at the NM store over the weekend in CLT. It had the thick ankle strap which I wasn't a fan of. I do like the O MY SLING pastel python $850 at Barneys website though. My bank account is begging for mercy, so I will have to wait and hope to find it on sale later.
  5. Thank goodness nothing I am drooling over. I want to pay something off. I am trying to turn my obsessive side to that, for now.......
  6. PHEW! Thank Goodness there is nothing that is giving me the butterflies! I bought two HG shoes last month, so I need to Calm Down!
  7. lol! I am breathing a sigh of relief too... .when I first saw that there was new stuff I thought "oh great now I am gonna want even MORE CL's" but thankfully it didn't happen!:yahoo:
  8. Thankfully there are very few new styles that scream they need to be added to my collection.
  9. PHEW! thank goodness i didn't see anything either! hehe, now my money is gonna be put to better use... LOL