There are so many fakes out there


Dec 24, 2011
Currently Im in China and i can assure that in every single clothing & accessories market I have been to, there are at least one or two shops selling high end jewelry but fakes of course.

I think it is so sad, and the most sad thing is that they can do a replica very well!!! They will do it as they were real. Usually it's bad copies on display but if you tell the shop assistant that you want the real good ones, they will let you come back the day after and show you the real good copies they have in storage. It will cost more as well but they are almost identical.

What should we people who pay lots of €€€ for the real products do in order to stop this.

It's not fun to see every girl out there who has been to china wearing fake H clic clac bracelet and ppl think it's real, while you have paid lots of amount in order to buy the real one...

what are you feelings about this


Dec 4, 2008
Unfortunately it's inevitable. I don't personally support or purchase fake items but if that's what someone else wants to do then so be it. As long as there is a luxury market, im sure there will be a thriving counterfeit market.

I buy items so I can appreciate it for myself and not so others can appreciate it on me. As long as you love your authentic piece, wear it!


Sep 11, 2010
There will always be fakes out there. While it's bothersome to see someone wearing the same thing you paid a bunch more for, it can be a type of acid test to see if you really like the item you bought for what it is, or if what you like is the prestige of the high price tag that goes along with it. Does knowing that an identical-looking item can be had for much, much less affect your appreciation for what you have?


Feb 17, 2006
I agree with the other posters. As long as there is a market for counterfeits there will always be people making them. Just be thankful that you can afford the real deals and enjoy them proudly.
Oct 6, 2007
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all we can do it support the designers of the originals and make sure we do not support the counterfeit markets, but it is inevitable there will always be copies of the originals.
what drives me nuts is not so much the fake products themselves but the poor working conditions and labour costs of the workers that make the counterfeit products. If only people were willing to take the time to understand the working conditions that men, women, and children work in for 12+ hours a day to produce counterfeit products.
read this article: so sad...
Aug 29, 2011
I personally buy all luxury goods for the quality and as well as the fun and knowing what work goes into each piece...I buy these things for myself and people compliment my pieces it means a lot to me especially because I love the piece as well...If I see someone wearing a fake and trying to act super prestige and snobby I just laugh because they obviously bought it as a status symbol but I have no respect for those kinds of people.if someone buys a similar style because they like the style and they can't afford the real thing then so be it...I prefer if people wear similar styles though instead of fakes like targets similar style of the collier de chien because it just looks like a cool bracelet not a knock off. I think I'm ranting I just really get bothered by this. I'm only 15 but while I save for college I babysat to earn money for almost a year for a Louis Vuitton speedy because I loved the quality and bag in damier azur as well as then saving for an Hermes Clic H and Twilly.