There are small white scuffs/marks vintage mono!

  1. This clutch was found in my mother's closet today.
    She's had it for over 10 years. There are some white marks on it. I have no clue what it is or how it got there. My mother used this item very very VERY sparingly. I don't even think shes used it more than 5 times total.

    Anyone know if these marks are removable? Any suggestions how I might be able to clean it off? Thanks much!
  2. I would try a baby wipe. It's a gorgeous wallet, though.
  3. White marks, believe or not, can be quite common on mono...try as arm candy suggested a baby wipe might help, or gentle washinging it with a cloth or magic eraser.
  4. wow! cute... sorry I can't help though
  5. YES!!!! Thanks everyone! I used wipes and they came off with some hard rubbing! =D
  6. ^^Yay! It's a lovely wallet- love the small LV logo!
  7. I have already gotten some of those marks on my keepall, but I haven't tried to do anything with them yet. Bautiful clutch btw :smile:
  8. a q-tip and a little fingernail polish remover takes it off in an instant.

  9. i got the same white marks on my mono this week when i was looking at one of my old bags. i got a baby wipe and put some elbow grease into it and got it out. it's as good as new!
  10. i have some on my speedy also! i will try babywipes in the morning! thanks for lending the suggestion!
  11. It might actually be paint. It happened to my KEEPALL as it keeps bumping into walls and such all the time. It's easy to get off, try to wipe it or gently rub. :smile:
  12. I too believe it's paint:yes: . Has happend to some of my mono pieces. Baby wipes and a bit of rubbing works wonders.
  13. Glad it cleaned up.
  14. That is a beautiful clutch.
  15. Thank you! It is slightly bigger than a pochette and has a hard form. It looks very elegant when slipped under the arm. I really wish:graucho: they made something like this in dentelle!!