"There are no ugly women, just lazy ones"

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  1. Do you agree with this quote from Helena Rubinstein one of the first cosmetic titans
  2. No
  3. I believe that some people are more attractive to the majority, but everybody has the potential to look good.
    A little bit of gloss or powder can make anyone feel better, thus seem more confident which is attractive.

    Of course, an ugly personality can destroy the most beautiful face on earth.
  4. Of course some people are more attractive than others, but EVERYONE has the possibility of looking pulled-together and polished. And when a woman is well-dressed and carries herself well, she is generally remembered well, regardless of whether she is traditionally pretty or not.

    So, yes, I think there is some truth to that statement.
  5. ITA!:smile:
  6. There's some truth to that statement . . . I won't say much else or I'll sound mean, LOL!
  7. ^ love your signature swanky.

    with HauteMama's explanation, yes that is true
  8. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people just follow what they've been told is beautiful.
  9. ITA as well...everyone has some potential.
  10. Yes, there are people (not just women) out there that will make your eyes hurt. As mentioned before, personal grooming can go a LONG way & couple that with a great personality/sense of humor/confidence/intelligence, looks can become less & less important. A comb & lip gloss can do wonders, but some people just don't know or simply don't care, that is not laziness.
  11. I agree that there is some truth to that statement. I see so many people that can look so much more visually appealing if they took some time to take care of themselves.

  12. agreed
  13. Agreed.
  14. I would say its some what true, of course there are people who arent lazy..they just dont care how they look to others, which isnt always a bad thing. and there are some people who make up might not do much for in the way of looking better anyways (yea ik this sounds mean) but thats very few people, most people are attractive in one way or another.
  15. Everyone has potential. Remember that show The Swan?