There are no bags on Earth that affect me like MBMJ..any other ladies feel the same?

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  1. I love MBMJ. Love it, love it, love it! Interestingly, that love does not extend to Marc Jacobs higher end line. I think that so many of MBMJ bags are beautiful, and functional with well thought out pockets to accomodate all the things that we ladies carry each day. The Softy Max for example, is done in a butter soft leather (of which I own in Tea Leaf) and has interior and exterior pockets which house everything I carry. After having owned multiple MBMJ's, like the totally turnlock bowlers, the Softy tote, and Softy max, I can honestly say that my experiences with these bags have been so great, to the point where I am not in the least tempted by so-called status bags like Chloe, LV, and Balenciaga, where beauty obviously reigns supreme and comfort is a secondary thought.

    I had a Speedy 30...all it was was a huge monogrammed tent of material that you could throw everything in and hope for the best when you wanted to find something.

    Anyhow, sorry for that very long spiel.

    Let me know if anyone thinks the same.
  2. I received my Luxy Faridah not too long ago and it's so nice. Not only is it still classy, it's a practical bag because I can throw all my stuff in it and go. I also notice that my bag smells DIVINE. The leather is amazing and I love all the stamped MJ details.

    It's funny because I own a Speedy 25 which I use regularly, but I've been in need of a shoulder bag. I've always admired MBMJ and I just happened to find my bag on sale. It was meant to be.

    So I can definitely say I feel the same!
  3. hahaha.

    Yeah as of late I feel the same way about MbMJ. The only thing that affects me more is MJ classic calf line with NICKEL h/w. Everytime I take out my multi pocket I fall in love all over again.

    I do wish I got into MbMJ a little sooner. I'm sad I missed out on the softy max and turnlock bowler. =/

    In my opinion I think for the past few seasons MbMJ has catered to the people who prefer older styles of the collection line while of course still appealing to those who have been following it. It's more quirky and fun (I think like the classic line used to be) whereas the classic line now is too flashy for me.

    I'm 21 and intern at a law firm (so I'm at the bottom of the latter) and I feel silly to stroll in to work with a bag more expensive and flashy than a partner's or anyone else in the office. I'm more comfy with MbMJ . I also apologize for me rant. :lol:
  4. I'm also 21 and I always feel silly carrying my Speedy around campus, so I'll probably be using my MbMJ more often this fall. Although I can proudly say I spend my own hard earned money on both bags.
  5. I absolutely agree with this! I'm a big fan of the classic MJ bags and the more recent MbMJ bags are much more appealing to me than the current MJ line.
  6. I have to agree. MbMJ is my first "designer" bag and I'm in love with it! I also like some of the MJ collection bags, but like many of you said, it's too formal/classy for everyday use. MbMJ is great because it's something I can afford and yet it looks great and the quality is amazing!

    MbMJ will always be special to me because it was my first! Haha!
  7. Aw, I'm totally the other way around. I've always been buying MJ bags for the last....4 or 5 years? I'm not really into other designer handbags unless maybe I've been eyeing some Chanel flapbags, just because it's a classic.

    I've some MbyMJ bags along the way but it was so much different than MbyMJ bags nowadays. I don't have any MbyMJ but their collections nowadays are DROOLS!:drool::drool: I want to get one of the turnlocks. The leather is so scrumptious!!