There are colors out there....

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  1. I was in the Short Hills NM and I noticed in the display case some coral pink pieces-wallets, make up cases and I asked the DSA if that was new a color or what. She told me she found "those stupid pieces" and put them out for color. STUPID PIECES? UM NO. I also proceeded to go through their closet on the floor and I noticed a blue fonce flap-that pretty light blue, a new pink medium flap, and some other bags. The colors are out there-they are just stuffed in the closet. What the hell is going on? The DSA watched me go through the closet-there was red, blush and the above. Why are these bags not on display and just the black ones? I believe this DSA has no clue what treasures she has.
  2. WHAT! that is ridiculous! are they for sale though? are any of them jumbos? thanks!
  3. That really steams me. I've been looking for color all summer and was told: No pink or blue. I think half the time the sa's are unwilling to look underneath the cases because it takes more time, especially when you're not there in person. Once, a really young sa looked for me and found a maroon bag marked down to $473!!!!!! She and I almost fainted!
  4. Completely agree.

    When I went to get my Camellia wallet last week, I was assisted by a really helpful guy. I just said I wanted a wallet, and without even asking, he went to the massive large shelves, and bough out 2 huge cardboard boxes, filled with peaches, whites and pale pink. Filofaxes, large wallets and small ones. Both my daughters and me saw them, but I had just bought a black bag so knew exactly what I wanted.

    When I told my friend, she called them, spoke to a lady SA who said, no absolutely not, we have no pinks or colours!!!!

    err hello!!!!

    It really does depend who you get when you go in, alot of the SAs just do not seem to want to look beyond the main store room.
  5. Red flaps ???
  6. i just helped myself and started looking through the closet myself. they know me in the store so I guess they just don't care when I am there. I was in the chanel section all by myself taking stuff out. I put it back though.
  7. I love getting into the "secret" (nickname I gave them) closets.
  8. But if they are making commission why wouldnt they want to go that extra MILE and look under the cabinet? How hard is that?!?! :cursing:
  9. I called an they don't have the colors anymore. The SA said they must have sold quickly b-cuz they are all gone.....
  10. Wow, amazing!
  11. OH sounds like they have a secret stash!
  12. I'm gonna go to my local Chanel boutique and look through the closets...
  13. Similar thing happened to me at the NM in Newport Beach at Fashion Island. My SA was extremely sweet and he said he was gonna go into their stock room and bring up all the Chanel older pieces they had. He came back with like 20 bags from a year to two years ago! Tons of bags that are no longer for sale on the floor and they all had their old prices. He said he would sell to me with the old price plus 10% off because the styles were "older". Unfortunately there was nothing I wanted but I thought it was soooo sweet of him to do that for me. Everyone he brought up was in plastic bags!!! Just sitting down there for months on end he said. Then he also opened the closet on the floor and I found even more in there!!!! His name is Trey if anyone is interested in checking out what they have. But for other places who don't offer to do that, I think it really is ridiculous!!!

    So there was a RED FLAP at the NM Short Hills location?!!? God I wish I had known!!! :sad:
  14. WOW...that's unbelievable!!! Ooooohhhhh I wish I could be let into the secret closets!!!
  15. Wow. how long ago was that?