There are changes to our NYC PFM!! Look at the sticky

  1. Ladies and gents, boys and girls, we are finally getting ready for the NYC PF meeting!! So far we have a dinner planned for August 19 (a week from this Saturday). Here is the deal- Baggaholic has so graciously got a room reserved for us, but we need a head count.. we need to know who is going to make it for sure (no bailing out!!!!!!! unless emergency of course ) Check your schedules - just let us know!!

    We are looking at $25-50 a person (and a tip!). Hubby's/SO's are invited- Mr Vlad will be there and Mr Baggaholic!!!

    So please let us know in this thread if you will make it!!! It will be a great time had by all- I am sure!!!

    This is the restaurant info!!! The restaurant we wanted from the start is now available and we have it for 5pm on Aug. 19th
    Mexican Food($25-50 PP)

    The info will be sent to you via evite- plase PM me if you do not get it!!
  2. Sounds great..Im going to be down the shore house Im looking into convincing PHh to go anyway..LOL
  3. Okay, to those who haven't sent me their email address for the eVite please do so now, evites began to out and I need to make sure yall got them,..
  4. All evites have been sent, if you didn't get yours please pm me with your email address.
  5. hi, Baggaholic! thank you very much, i am in receipt of the evite, but something came up and i won't be available that weekend now. i'm sorry! i hope to meet up with you guys though in the near future. thank you for the invitation! (i'll RSVP the evite as well!) and please have a wonderful time!!!!
  6. whats the restauarant called?
  7. check the evite!! We don't want to post all the info on here :flowers:
  8. Did you send me your info?
  9. lol,.. someone brought this to my attention.

    This is the restaurant that Carrie Bradshaw got stood up by her freinds on her 35th birthday!!!
  10. Hope that doesn't happen to us!
  11. lol,... this is so funny,...
  12. Hey Bagg, just curious ..... how many people responded that they will be meeting us on Saturday?
  13. There are 10 on our list so far. Out of 22
  14. 7 more hours to go people!!!! Drummroll please,.... :party:
  15. I'll see you there everyone!!! Almost had to bail out because we couldn't find a petsitter! Can't wait!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: