theraputic effect of a mani/pedi

  1. Hi ladies-
    Do you feel like a new person after getting a manicure and pedicure too? Before, I never went to a salon to get my nails done. I either did them myself or just went haggared. Now, I try to get them done every week, and I absolutely love the time that I spend "doing me." It makes me so relazed and I love the lil massages that they give. They also make my nails, which I used to hate, look so pretty.

    The point is, I think that every woman should go to the salon/spa weekly to enhance their natural beauty and uplift their spirits.
  2. Yes, it feel so great. Especailly when they put lotion on your lower legs and feet. Makes them like circulate so much better.
  3. Totally agree!!!!!!!!!! I go once a week!!! ;)
  4. I go every week as well and I used to love it!!! Its not that I dislike it now but it is a MUSt now living in Florida. There is nothing worse than ugly unkept toes in sandals and I do live in them so its another thing I HAVE to do .... When I lived in Europe or even the East coast it was not every week (well manicures were) I just feel like it is on my TO DO list every week now. Could be worse I suppose!
  5. I love getting it done too, but now that I've moved from Florida to the East Coast (DC) I don't as often. I do miss South Florida though! Haha, and besides women in South Florida are more flashy and done up than women in DC (IMO).
  6. I LOVE the massage part. Lately I've been thinking though that rather than spending time and money on the entire mani/pedi, maybe I should start doing hour massages instead:smile:
  7. God yes. My mani/pedi place has massage chairs and a flat-screen tv where you can watch the food channel. Look at yummy food, get a leg massage, get a back massage and come home looking faboo. If that isn't therapy it don't know what is!
  8. haha I just got a mani and pedi today after a year.......its sooo relazing and you feel alll pretty after!!! highly recommended
  9. I have yesterday a brazilian, mani & pedi.... I was in heaven :love:
    When I lived in Buenos Aires, I did it every couple of weeks but here is a bit more complicated (plus I travel a lot for my work!!) so now I do it every 4 weeks (as well as facial) and every 6-8 weeks hairdresser
  10. Sunshine!!! Whereabouts in FL are you??? I'm in FL too and I totally agree it's a MUST!!! Hahaha... good excuse for me though to justify having to go get my nails/toes done! :nuts:
  11. yep- just got back from mine. I feel like a whole new woman :smile:
  12. I get a manicure every week and a pedicure every two weeks. I cant go without it. I have been getting it down since I was 12 or 13 and its a therapy in its own right.
  13. I just had a mani/pedi on Friday evening after work. Such a great way to relax. I had wine, talked to my nail tech, who is great! :nuts: I go every two weeks. It's essential to my sanity :P
  14. I have a treatment every week - full overhaul (waxing, eyebrows, lash tint + mani/pedi) every 4 weeks, facial very 4 weeks, and a massage the other 2 weeks. I gave up smoking and this is what the money goes on instead ... I love it!
  15. Yup! Which reminds me, I need a pedi very soon...