Therapist vs. Intuitive Healer?

  1. OK...with all the heartache and drama I've been going through this summer I need professional help to supplement all the work I'm doing on my own + support from family, friends and this virtual community too!!

    I've been to therapy before about 7 years ago and truly believe in it. The therapist I want to meet with now is booked so I'm on her waiting list.

    Meanwhile another friend referred me to an Intuitive Healer she is working with. In her words: "...she can offer insight and some other gifts that go beyond verbal. Therapy's great, but sometimes I feel it becomes highly inefficient to keep talking about it, when help is needed on a deeper level."

    Anyone have any experiences pro or con you would be comfortable sharing (or PM me?). I'm intrigued but a little skeptical honestly...
  2. Well I guess this thread bombed (LOL).
  3. LOL hey pursegrrl. don't say it's bombbed till you've given it time. HEHE

    Ok i've never worked with an intuitive healer but i do believe in psychics... however, IMO, you might work with them now and then to give you a sense of which options lead you where or about a person. But i don't think it'd really help to see them every week.... i think the psychology skills combined with a good therapist that is interested in helping you and cares for you would be more helpful on a weekly basis...

    the other thing also is that i'm skeptical about psychics. there ar real ones out there but alot more fake ones that just try to figure out what's going on in ur life and what you want to hear by peppering you with qns.

    keep on bugging your therapist to slot you in :p hopefully s/he'll be able to do so soon. sometimes it helps to have someone there with you to help you work through a tough period.

    hope you feel better soon grrl. hugs :heart: bubbles
  4. Oh no, not at all. I have been actually thinking about your question for a couple of days.

    First of all, good for you for taking care of your health! It is positive that you are open to talking to someone in a professional capacity about things that are deeply personal.

    I went through 5 years of psychotherapy (for depression). I suspect I always had the tendancy to be sad, but around age 40, I knew I was in trouble and couldn't go on without help.

    Although I see someone else every three months now, just for medication, I have been considering speaking to a therapist about things that are really worrying me. Until your thread came up I hadn't heard of an intuitive healer before. I would be open to the idea personally as I think that people in the untraditional or holistic medical field can sometimes pinpoint things that a medical doctor overlooks.

    Best of luck to you. It seems a shame you have to wait so long to get an appointment to see a doctor. The situation is the same here, though. Can the intuitive healer see you sooner?
  5. Thanks, Bubbles and Leelee! I had thought about contacting the therapist I worked with a few years ago but honestly I as much as she was great I'm a different person now and want to work with someone else.

    The one who is booked was very highly recommended so I guess no wonder she doesn't have any openings! I first reached out to her in early July to get on her waiting list and just left her another vm this week to touch base and see if she's close to any spots freeing up.

    The intuitive healer could likely see me sooner...she was on vacation last week but will be back this week. [Oh, so hard to get things done in August with so many vacations, ha!] I will speak with her this week and if I feel comfortable with her info on what the experience is like I may try it - what the heck.

    Hugs and thanks!
  6. sounds good pursegrrl... if you feel comfortable with the intuitive healer , it might be worth seeing her and being able to talk tosomeone about the things that are disturbing you and see if she has any interesting insights.

    and just keep on bugging the therapist =)

    i know what you mean, it's so hard to find a therapist that works for you!

    hugs, bubbles
  7. I like your well-thought out plan of assessing your comfort level with the intuitive healer before committing to a session. Please let us know how things progress.

    As for changing therapists, I completely understand your feelings. Although, I too would like to speak to someone again, the thought of going back to my original doctor just wouldn't work. She was a wonderful, helpful person, but I can't see myself getting the benefit I now need. I remember telling her when we parted ways that if I ever decided to see a therapist again I would seek out someone who was more spiritual-oriented. I didn't mean spiritual as in religious, but spiritual in treating the body and mind as a whole package. I also meant spiritual in looking at other reasons for my feelings and thoughts that didn't necessarily correlate to things that happened in my childhood. I'm wondering if an intuitive healer would take this approach. For me, that would be a dream come-true.

    Not intuitive healing, but I did contact an acupuncturist to help with things that are worrying me. Like you said, though, in the month of August, vacations make scheduling appointments difficult. The office was closed, but I did leave an e-mail message.

    Please let us know what you decide and what you discover. I'm keeping you in my thoughts.
  8. Thanks, ladies! Well I just heard from the therapist (the one who is fully booked) and she still doesn't have openings. But she gave me a couple of referrals. No call yet from the Intuitive, but it's only Monday...

    I will keep you posted!
  9. Leelee, this is how my first therapist was, meaning she did a little hypnosis at times and other deeper things and it was great. She also said flat out she does not need people to come see her for years and years to go over how mad they are/were at their Mother, etc. I liked her style!

    I'm glad you're reaching out for ways to heal that are best for you. I have friends who swear by acupuncture for so many things but I admit I'm a scaredy cat.

    Hugs to you!
  10. OK, well I'm going to the intuitive healer on Thursday! I had a great chat with her today and she got back to me before the therapists did so I figured hey it couldn't hurt and I'm open to try just about anything at this point for some insight.

    She practices Shamanic healing (do google and check it out!).
  11. Im anxious to hear how this goes.. Please update once you return.
  12. OK promised I wanted to share a little bit about this!

    I met with the intuitive healer today and it was a one hour card reading. She is super nice and I just felt very comfortable right away. [the only thing I didn't care for was the incense burning as I don't like the smell but it was not overpowering and if it helps her do her job better then OK...]

    The whole session was recorded so I can listen to it again later. We covered a lot but mostly focusing on romance and career as those were the two things that got kicked to the curb for me this summer. She said a prayer asking for protection and guidance before we started...and again when we finished.

    As I'm sure you can understand, I'd rather not post a lot of specific details as this reading is my private "gift." But I will say I was pretty astonished how spot-on she was with a lot of things, as I had shared very little if anything about myself, my situation and background. At one point my ex apparently tried to "get in the picture" while she was concentrating, as if he was trying to interject in front of her with all his excuses for things. The things she shared with what he was "telling" her gave me chills as it was so dead-on to his personality I about fell out of the chair. So she basically had to "shoo" him away before we could move forward.

    Was that a whole showmanship thing on her part? I honestly don't think so. I really enjoyed the experience but I probably won't go back as I would rather see a therpist so I can talk. This reading was mostly listening.

    thanks, everyone!
  13. hey pursegrrl. that sounds really interesting...

    thanks for sharing! very interesting! i'm still trying to find a reliable one in my area.... =P

    well did anything you learn from her today give you some sort of comfort/direction? did you ask her for advice on whether you should do X or Y?

    For me, the insight i gain from readings like knowing that a type of job is possible/impossible and having some direction from the readings gives me comfort. because alot of times i feel like i'm either banging my head agst the wall or i don't understand why things are not working out.

    the ex influencing her is a little scary though, i wonder if all mere humans can do that or if it takes one with a bit of psychic skills to do that....
  14. Thanks, Bubbs! Yeah I do feel good about what she told me and what's coming up for me romantically and professionally. She gave me some good advice on how to protect myself spiritually from his further attempts at trying to still get at me (so to speak) even if we're not together any more.

    Hugs to you, my dear!! :heart:
  15. Hi Pursegrrl, what an enlightening experience you had with the intuitive healer. It seems like she really is "intuitive". I didn't know what to expect from your session really, but I sort of thought it would be more of a two-way conversation with her giving insight into your unspoken or maybe even unknown feelings.

    I'm glad you had a positive experience with her. It seems as if she's given you additional tools to deal with the things that are of concern.

    Best wishes to you. Have you been able to get an appointment with a therapist yet?