25% off Bags & huge shoe sale

  1. Fabsugar had a posting about a huge shoe sale at The prices are great for many styles but sizes are somewhat limited on several styles. On the site they have a special offer for 25% off non sale handbags with code "Treat".

    Here's what I am looking at:

    Moschino bootie I saw in People Stylewatch at 20% off -

    Richard Tyler black Patent 70% off -

    MJ Ines in Peanut -

    What do you think?

    Has anyone bought from them? It appears they are legit?

  2. DEFINATELY legit!! - Thanks!
  3. AbbytheBT -

    Thanks for letting me know! I placed my order last night and got comfirmation - I'm so excited!. I hope it doesn't take long to arrive.

    Now I can't stop thinking about getting more. I am trying to control myself.
  4. I just received my first gryson from them last week and it's definitely authentic. Their CS is great too!
  5. I absolutely LOVE the cherrytart! But you can't go wrong with either.
    I have a peanut ZC that pretty much goes with everything.
    But if you do want the other color i'd order it now.
    I've ordered 3 things from the purse store - all 3 disappeared after I ordered so
    they may only have 1.

  6. I love the style (usually not big on front pockets but this bag is an exception!)!! The tassel adds a little something too... I do prefer a richer/darker chocolate brown... but a very nice bag indeed!!! :tup:
  7. I don't have a color like that in my collection and I hear Bulga bags have buttery leather. But I should wait for the sale on the Rebecca Minkoff bags. Why can't I have them all!! lol...
  8. ive never heard of this site i must chk it out.
  9. I have the MJ Christy in Peanut and it is a gorgeous color! I have ordered several bags from The Purse Store and everything has been authentic. Their customer service is wonderful and the free shipping and no tax is always a bonus!!:yahoo:
  10. Oh i love that site they have the shoes that i have been wanting but the store may have ran out of my size. I have been looking for these Marc Jacobs shoes.
  11. Happy - Happy - I'm so Happy!

    I got my order yesterday and I'm in love. I am suprised it came so quick - I ordered Saturday night and got it yesterday? Good for me - I am carrying the bag today!

    I decided to keep the Peanut - I LOVE IT! What a deal. They are great - I never heard of them - but will be back for more (after a few paychecks).
  12. ^^^ awesome! The peanut really is a pretty color - post some pix in the MJ forum for us!