Has Agreed To Match Revolve's New Customer Discount!!!


    Over the past couple weeks, I have been communicating with Agnes at The Pretty Little Things about price matching Revolve Clothing's new customer 30% discount. Today, after giving it much thought, she has emailed me to say that she will match their 30% discount and that she will apply it to both sale and regular priced merchandise!! Agnes is well aware that her offer will be posted on this forum and is anxious to help you with your orders. She is a wonderful lady and I think it very generous of her to make these lower prices available to the forum community.

    I forgot to ask her about the procedure for obtaining the discount and have emailed her to determine whether it will be through entering a code at checkout or by emailing her. As soon as I hear back from Agnes, I will post that information.
  2. Ooooh Ron Dotson necklaces! Thank you for posting this. I'll wait for the details :wlae:
  3. revolve clothing's new costumer 30% discount? really? i ordered from RC but i didn't receive any discounts....
  4. Just call or write to RC and explain to them that you were unaware of the discount. I did that and they gave it to me retroactively. A lot of people don't know that they also honor the discount for other household members providing they use a different credit card. My DH ordered a handbag for me on his card and they gave him the 30% discount!!
  5. Here's the email from Agnes advising what needs to be done to obtain the discount.

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  6. Bagochondriac, you are not good for my credit card! (But very good for my credit score :smile:)
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Mine also!!!

  8. You are awesome

  9. You are all so sweet to say such nice things, but you have to understand that I do this because I love it! It's a challenge to try and get an e-tailer to offer a discount which I consider substantial. About half of those I've communicated with have eagerly agreed to either match Revolve or themselves offer something comparable. Others aren't so agreeable and you can probably guess which ones they are!!! It's understandable when the smaller, family-owned ones can't compete as they can't afford to. I sometimes think that I do this because I so miss working outside of my home. After all, housework and cooking can become a bit boring after a while. :lol:
  10. Lucky for us we all benefit from your hard work, thank you! :woohoo: Maybe we can send you a list of sites that you can start working on to try to convince them that we are a hard-shopping bunch who deserve promo codes...LOL
  11. bagachondriac,

  12. are the worst enabler ever! Thank you!:okay:
  13. so if i am about to order from revolve for the first time, how do i get the new customer discount? TIA!

  14. There used to be a link on through which you could request a Revolve new customer discount code. I just logged onto Reesycakes and couldn't display the code page, so they must be having problems. Just write to or call Revolve and they will provide you with a new customer code.