's Christian Louboutin sale

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  1. Anybody who know what the deal is with the Outnet Louboutin weeks?

    New every day? At what clock?
    Both Eu and US?

    Begins midnight?

  2. They will be adding Louboutins on wednesdays for the next 3 weeks. They have said stock is limited so i dont know how many pairs/styles they will be adding. According to theoutnet website, it is for both EU & US sites. No idea on times sadly. Maybe someone else knows :smile:

    There is a photoshoot on the website so perhaps some of the styles shown will be available?
  3. Oh, just found that about Wednesday :smile:

    But yeah... wanna know what time to be at the computer! ;) Know a few others who will be there too.
  4. Can't wait! Hopefully there will be some fun styles at great prices....usually the Outnet does not disappoint;)
  5. It will be every wednesday for the next three wednesdays. i'm excited too but i dont want to get my hopes up. usually the outnet is known for crashing and releasing styles at random times.
  6. Also, it's pretty safe to assume it will be styles that were sold on NAP previously.
  7. #7 Sep 14, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2010
    In saying that though J, did theoutnet sell aqua Mouche? I was told by an SA at Mount St that there unsold stock may end up on theoutnet ;)

    I managed to buy from the first 2 outnet sales with no problems. Sadly everyone wants Louboutins at good prices!
  8. Interesting. I didn't put that together. I know that Horatio stock ends up on Bluefly sometimes.
  9. I've been refreshing the site since 8am and still nothing... grrrr... I've even found my credit card! (It's been missing since I moved house three weeks ago).

    Damn it I want to see what pretties they have!
  10. ^^^ Haha, maybe around 11 or 12ish

    I only remembered today that the CC in my purse EXPIRED at the end of August and the replacement card is at my grandparents!!!!
  11. Me too! Ive been scared to leave my laptop in case they suddenly pop up! OMG the stress... Why cant they just tell us what time?! :nuts:
  12. Did anyone buy anything?? :graucho:
  13. Trying to check out now but the bloody site keeps crashing!
  14. Lot of great styles , not nothing I want in my size...