Theory shoes

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  1. Hi there!

    Anyone have or tried Theory shoes/pumps before? How's the quality/sizing/comfort?

    I am looking to purchase a pair but haven't never tried these before....

  2. kinda expensive for the quality of shoes. i wouldn't get them unless i had to have them...would rather wait for sale. they run tts for me.
  3. Thanks for the quick feedback!

    I found a pair online on NM that were on sale for $114 (reg $325). I bought them but at least I can return it if anything.

    I couldn't pass up the great price - I just hope the quality is worth at least $114 (I wouldn't pay reg for these or most shoes!!)

    here is the link to the shoe, but purchased on NM instead of BG:

    They looked pretty comfy, I hope they fit!
  4. yeah, 114 is a much better price than 325. i hope they fit you well. theory shoes are like theory clothing...very expensive to buy if not on sale!
  5. They run TTS for me. Bloomies always seems to have shoes on sale and I got a pair of Theory ballet flats there last Christmas for $80!! Much cheaper than even the Theory outlet has their stuff for!