Theory Sample Sale (NYC)

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  1. Theory Sample Sale: 2/23 - 2/27 (doors open at 11:00am daily)

    Location: 261 W 36th St (b/w 7th & 8th Ave), 2nd Fl, NY, NY

    ** A fitting room will be open, but closes 1//2 hour prior to close of store. The entrance and selling floor closes 15 minutes prior to close of store.
  2. Wow, I love Theory. Thanks! I will definitely check it out if I can.
  3. I never find the Clothingline Theory sample sale to be any good, the prices are imo high when you can get Theory at TJ Maxx and Marshall's.
  4. I think the prices at the Theory sample sale are comparable to prices at the theory outlet at Woodbury. It's def not as cheap as TJ Maxx or Marshall's but the selection is better...especially for staples/dresses.

    Note: F&F day should be on 2/22 (monday) but you'll need a flyer to get in.
  5. thxs
  6. Does anyone have a FF flyer? It would b easier for me to go today rather than tomorrow... thanks!
  7. fyi on this sample sale -- its samples and irregulars - its not the normal theory sample sale that happens 2x a year
  8. does anyone know how this irregular/samples sale compare to the usual theory sample sale that occurs twice a year at Clothingline? I've been to those, but never to an "irregulars" one... thanks
  9. the "irregular" ones are obviously not as good. There is much less stock and the irregularity of the clothing is pretty obvious, ie, rips, huge stains, etc. Sample size is a size 6 so if you're not a size 6, the pickings are pretty slim.

    If anyone goes today or tomorrow could you report back?
  10. i have never found anything good at the irregular ones. the clothing usually has a lot of flaws -- in fact, i dont think i was ever able to find an item that didn't have a stain or a rip.
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    No surprise... tons of damaged goods at the Theory sample sale at Clothingline. They're selling off the absolute dregs. Almost every item I picked up had a rip, hole, and torn.

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  12. anyone else go? not worth it?