Theory Sample sale - additional 30% off

  1. Just got this email update:
    <B><BIG>Sample Sale Update:</BIG></B>

    <BIG>Now 30% off all styles!</BIG>

    Final two days
    We have been restocking daily
    New shipments / styles have also arrived
    Huge selection and all sizes still available

    fyi...all blazers, jackets & coats must be checked at coat check.

    all tee's now $25
    all shirts now $56
    all skirts now $56
    all pants now $70
    all dresses now $77
    all blazers now $112
    sweaters now $49 to $70
    footwear now $74 to $165
    outerwear & leathers now $140 to $175

    SSS Sample Sales
    261 W 36th Street (between 7th & 8th Ave)
    2nd Floor
    New York, NY 10018

  2. i'm so. SO mad i bought the suit on the first day. SO mad.

    do you know if they will let you do exchanges ?????? or price adjustments ????
  3. If anyone goes today can they please report back?

    I went yesterday and it didn't look like they restocked anything even though their website keeps saying that they've been restocking daily and that new shipments and styles have arrived.
  4. Sorry, I forgot to post the rest of the email:

    "As always, we do not give price adjustments.
    See our store policy on our website or in store (by checkout)."​

    I did the same -- bought stuff on the first day. But I went back the second day and they didn't have everything they had on the first day so don't feel bad. Also, not 100% sure but I thought they let you do exchanges, so if you have tags still on the stuff and they still have the items in your size, you could try exchanging (but you can't get refunded the difference so I imagine you'd just have to buy more, assuming they let you do this in the first place).​
  5. I wish I lived in New York :crybaby:
  6. me too!
  7. yup - once they have your money, they're not giving it back. i think the policy is that you can exchange it as long as they're still running that brand's sale (for instance, you can't exchange theory stuff during the week of free people sales), and you DEFINITELY don't get any price adjustments or money back. if you exchange for something that costs more, you can certainly give them more money. if you're a size that usually runs out (XS, 0, P, etc.), you probably wouldn't be able to find what you'd bought at a later time, so consider it a bargain and move to the next sale!

    this is why i always wait until the last day of any clothingline sale, especially if it's for a brand that i like but not love.
  8. me a million....
  9. Has anyone gone today? Wanted to know if there was any good stuff left (especially coats) and if there is a line. Am debating whether its worth running over or not.
  10. I went this morning at 10 and walked right in. There were maybe another 15 shoppers there. I got a pair of pants for $70 and two cashmere sweaters for $70 as well. I wasn't there earlier in the week, but there seemed to be a great selection of pants, blazers and dresses in all sizes. They still had a bunch of the shorter down coats as well. Hope this helps!
  11. thank you amandabug and ym265 - that makes me feel a little bit better i guess - at least now i knwo for future sales i guess and maybe pick up a few more pieces today... if i can make it. work might keep me into the wee hours of the night though =*(
  12. Thanks!