Theory Python embossed satchel

  1. Hi Ladies, what do you think? I ordered this bag recently at Bloomingdales with the extra 30% off and free shipping. The total came to $218...I included a photo and comment from "The Bag Lady" site.

    Theory's python embossed natural leather 'Annika' satchel on sale

    [​IMG]One of my favorite labels, Theory, creates gorgeous everything, yet their handbags haven't been at the top of wishlists lately and thus often end up on sales racks. All the better for me! I think this python embossed, natural leather 'Annika' satchel is simply gorgeous, and a total steal at US$543.75 (down from US$725). I love the relaxed sophisticated that this bag exudes - the long strap enables it to double as a carry-on or work-bag, while the thick double top straps can easily turn it into a out-to-lunch-with-the-girls satchel. Yummy!

    Do you think I should keep it? (I wouldn't if it were REAL python-after the horror stories I've read about how they kill the snakes. I'm afraid of them anyway-yikes! :push:
  2. It's gorgeous! Definitely a keeper! What color did you get?
  3. The color that's shone on the photo from the bag's backordered , but is supposed to ship before September.:smile:
  4. I dont want to pee on your parade, but, I thought theory's handbags were tdf as well until I actually got mine from bloomingdales. It was poorly constructed and hard to get in and out of, and the leather was not even close to tdf.

    My .02
  5. Did you get this particular bag? Because the bag is large with a zipper across the top...I figure $206 and tax for a $725 bag can't really be all bad. Thanks for your thoughts though-I can always send it back if I hate it!:smile:
  6. Thanks! :rolleyes:
  7. I think it's gorgeous, but let us know when you receive it.
  8. I am glad you spoke up since I almost added it to my basket. I love this style and price, but I won't settle with poor leather and workmanship. I have to admit, I learned many name brands from the forum, but I was not impressed with some of their quality when I saw them IRL at the mall.
  9. Fortunately, I can return it if it's not quality made...but she bought her bag a while ago and it's not the same I'm taking my chances-it's a steal for $206! I have seen Theory bags before...and they were nice bags.:yes:
  10. JNH14 - It's actually 40% off now, so it's 174 before taxes. Maybe you can call for a price adjustment? I just ordered the bag before I saw this thread. I guess I can return it as well if it doesn't work out. I tried the black leather one in the store before and it seemed to be quite nice, but at that time I didn't want another black bag. Fingers crossed!

  11. Thanks for the head's up!