Theory handbags

  1. Does anyone else have any Theory handbags? I just got 2 from Saks (on sale) and they are great, I didn't even know Theory made bags but I really like their clothing line.

    Are they only made for Saks? I can't find them anywhere except in Theory stores.

    Not as luxe as most bags, but they are good for everyday use and especially for work, while still being fashionable. And they are incredibly well made.

    Here are the bags I got:
    the tote is actually a deep, rich brown which is gorgeous, and I got rid of the shoulder strap on the snakeskin, which has a great design -- incredibly useful and convenient.:yahoo:

  2. I don't own any theory bags but I love my theory clothes!!

    Those bags are gorgeous and totally match the theory brand clothing aesthetics.
  3. I don't own any, but do like some of the styles. Bloomingdales now carries Theory bags, at least in their catalogs.
  4. I purchased the brown one from Saks sale, loved it! My first, but probably not my last.
  5. They look great! I like their clean and modern lines, plus they look very user friendly!

    I've saw them a few months back at the Barney's outlet here, but not sure if the regular store still carries them.
  6. I totally agree. My brown tote arrived from Saks today, and the craftsmanship is excellent. Well worth the $250. Although the color description is "smoke," it really is more brown than gray. Get one while you still can!