Theory Clothing - Quality or Overpriced?

  1. What do you think about Theory clothing? I love the idea of Theory -- simple cuts and unfussy designs that you can be easily mixed and matched without too much thought.

    But before I invest in more Theory for my wardrobe ($300 for a cardigan -- ouch!!), I wanted to make sure it's worth the money. The skirts and pants are unlined, which seem unusual for something so expensive. But, on the other hand, I've heard that their fabrics are really high end (I'm not so sure I agree, but then again, I'm no fashion expert). Any thoughts on this? How do their clothes hold up after a year or so?

    And finally, any one try washing their stuff in washing machine or by hand. Everything of theirs I've seen so far, cotton t-shirts included, have been dry clean only! :sad:
  2. I LOVE Theory clothing! Their thick sweaters are usually great quality. I am unsure of thinner tops though, like their cotton tees, etc, since I don't have any. Their pants fit very well and are quite flattering. I agree they can have a pricey MSRP attached to it, but if they go on sale, which they often do (end of season, or there's always discounted Theory at any high-end department outlet store ie. Off Fifth, Last Call), you should definitely give them a try.
  3. Generally well cut pieces but lacking in the quality where the fabric used is concerned. I like their cothing but think they are over-priced. I'd rather expend a little effort to get Dolce Gabbana or Gucci on sale for what Theory costs at full price.
  4. There is always the outlet store (if you have one near you, I know there is one in Cabazon, CA) where you can find great discounts!
  5. Theory is worth every penny! It is a staple in my wardrobe. Very classic clean styles. Great cuts and fabrics. Theory knows just where to place the buttons on the shirts and the rise on their pants is very comfortable and flattering. Most trousers run slim through the leg and thigh too which I find very attractive. As for price, there is usually a nice sellection at sale time to add some classic pieces to your wardrobe. After buying Theory for a while I have gotten a feel for what will not make it to the sales so I will pay full price if I love the items.

    I have all my Theory dry cleaned. I have been very happy with the fabrics and how well they hold up.
  6. I think Theory often makes its clothing to fit a particular shape of a person making them an instant fan and the rest of us maybe not so much. If it fits you I think theory makes lovely cuts on fabric, however they do not craft for my body shape often.
  7. Thanks for the advice. We have an outlet about an hour away. The prices are usually about 40% off retail. I'm okay with they're prices, but I just want to make sure it lasts a few years. I hate clothes shopping, and I'm happy to splurge a little--but only if it's good quality (i.e., long lasting and won't have to be replaced every season!). Nanette Lepore has worked for me in the past, but my new job requires a more subdued look (everyone's in black
    and gray, ack).

    Does it bother anyone that a lot of Theory stuff is made in low-cost countries? My Nanette stuff was made in the US, and it holds up beautifully. I was surprised that despite such a high price tag, a lot of my Theory stuff is made in China. Or maybe I'm just behind the times and made in China signals better quality than it used to! Any thoughts on this?
  8. I see theory discounted at over 50% all the time. If I can pick up basic color pieces for my wardrobe theory isn't a bad place to start b/c the fit is very nice. These pieces are not your every day wear (IMHO) but some pieces from the collection can come in very handy when coordinating with other pieces from other brands.

    I agree with what some people said in previous posts. I think MSRP is way too much for this. I wouldn't touch theory unless it's at least 50% off. There is an overflow of theory merchandise at outlets and discount shops like loehmann's, filenne's basement etc and since the styling hardly every changes I have a hard time justifying paying a hefty tag for this brand.
  9. I love Theory! Their pants fit me like a glove. But as much as I love them, I would NEVER pay full price- their pricing is ridiculous for quality that doesn't really justify those prices. I always get my Theory pieces at Off Fifth, especially when there's an additional 30% off coupon. But there's no way I would pay $225 for a pair of their pants. I just bought a pair of linen Theory pants at Off Fifth for $25 after coupons (plus there was a snag on the bottom of the pants but luckily I'm 5'4 and was going to hem that part off anyway!). I've also found some great deals on eBay before- just make sure to buy from a reputable seller (duh!).
  10. I've been washing my nice Theory blouses in the washing machine because I'm lazy; however, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. I think the tags say dry clean only for a reason. I've noticed that my shirts aren't as crisp as they used to be and sometimes no matter how much I iron, the wrinkles won't come out.
  11. I think they're a bit overpriced too, but I favour some of their pieces for the cut, rather than the quality of the material. To me, for things like pants that I find difficult to fit, a great cut takes precedence over luxurious material... I look to other brands for tops and dresses though.
  12. Theory is so perfect for work. I don't find the line to be overpriced: very reasonable, in my opinion, considering they're only marginally more expensive than J.Crew and much better in quality and design.
  13. I think it is a little overpriced, but I really get a lot of use out of the suits that I purchase, so I don't mind. I also usually pick things up at the showroom where there is an automatic discount on the same styles that are in the stores. I recently bought a coat there and am obsessed with how sleek the style is.
  14. I have 1 piece of Theory Clothing listed at $255... I paid 75% off that. I just could never do full retail.
  15. I have some Theory but I have found that Elle Tahari (not the lower price Tahari found at Macy's) is better quality with very similar styles and shapes at the same price point.