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  1. I was in Macy's today and passed by the Theory section. On a whim, I tried on a jacket. OMG...I loved the cut and fabric of the clothes! I am pretty much a BR Petites, sometimes Ann Taylor Petites and Gap kids.

    Anyone wear Theory? How is the fit? I would love to buy a pant suit and also a pencil skirt.

  2. I love the look of these clothes! I have tried on a few blouses which were too small on me, even the large sizes. Either they are cut small or I was PMS'ing :lol: . I usually wear a size 8 or a M but my shoulders are pretty broad so sometimes things are too tight still, and if I go up a size the middle is too baggy.

    Maybe someone else will have had better luck - I sure wish they worked better on me!
  3. I agree that they are definitely cut small, but they have fabulous fit! That said it all depends on the body type that you have :smile:
  4. They're SO soft!
    I wear Theory and love it!
  5. If they're cut small, I'm there! :yahoo: I find that even the BR petites are loose on me.....which is why I need clothes that fit, instead of altering everything. I think Theory has size 0 and 00?
  6. I used to work for Theory..they have the best stuff ever.....They make 00 now for petites..and they are worth EVERY penny..99% of all my clothes are Theory...the fit and fabric is amazing
  7. I absolutely love theory- the clothes are reasonably priced (not cheap but not couture) and comfortable and simple and chic. Big thumbs up from my end. I think my sizes stay the same for Theory, but that is just my body...
  8. Oh no....I want some Theory now! :nuts:

    I was looking at the Nordstrom sale and they had some pieces on sale, but of course my size was sold out. Grr...

    I heard the Theory store in Santana Row in San Jose closed! :crybaby:

    I guess I'll have to go back to Macys and Nordstrom at and take a closer usual I'm always the last to know these things! :sad:
  9. My sister had a Theory catalog and those clothes were NICE! I really liked the designs.
  10. Theory is amazing.. especially their dress pants. Very flattering fit and great fabric. Worth the money for sure.. I have several pairs and they are my work staple :smile: I might buy some other work pants here and there, but I always end up going back to Theory when I want to look my best.
  11. Another Theory lover! I have some things from them and I love them all.
  12. I love Theory too...great classic and clean line!
  13. 99% of my jackets are Theory.
  14. i LOVE Theory's style-very classic and modern but not too trendy. i have been wearing pieces for 10+ years-from pant suits and dresses to denim trousers and wool sweaters. the quality lasts forever.

    my best friend used to work for Tahari (Elie Tahari) a few years ago and she got me this wonderful simple leather Theory tote for my birthday awhile back. i thought she was the luckiest person and i wanted her job so badly :love: I LOVE THEORY!!!! :heart:
  15. I love theory. The fit is true to size and soooo comfy!!!!

    ^^^^ BooYah... elie tahari is right up there w/ theory too. I love their clothes!!! :love: