Theory Blue Patent Handbag - what do you think?

  1. bluetheory.jpg
  2. It's sooo cute!! I LOVE IT!
  3. Super Cute!! I love the color!
  4. Even with the discount - it would be $520 - what does everything about the bag vs. price?
  5. seems worth it to me...i think its adorable! love the color and the patent
  6. Love Love Love The Bag....
  7. I love the shape of the bag--great color too!
  8. Love it, go for it!
  9. Thanks all. I bought it - can't wait to get it! Will post pics.
  10. ^^Congrats! It's a beaut.

    I love the color and the shape, can't wait to see the pics of it.
  11. I Love Blue Bags!
  12. Congrats- the blue patent is stunning!
  13. I didn't even realize Theory made handbags! Very nice!
  14. I really like that bag, I say go for it!
  15. ohhh i really really like it. So cute!! Let us know what you decide!!