Theory bags?

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  1. I tried on a couple in Bloomies, but never could buy one, the bag's shape was kinda odd. They're a lot bigger than you expect them to be. I tried on a gorgeous croc-embossed one at a Theory outlet, I would have bought it if I had not just bought a Kooba the week before.

    The Annika python is flippin' gorgeous, it just looked funny on my shoulder. The leather is lovely, a little heavy, but to be honest, I'd try it on IRL before committing to it online. For some reason, the Annika regular black leather looked awful on me, the Annika python looked odd, and the Annika croc looked gorgeous. Maybe they were all stuffed differently, but stop by the contemporary section of your nearest Bloomies and check!
  2. Wow, I didn't even know theory made bags - duh. They look very chic as I would expect from theory!
  3. I got that email as well- sorry to say I'm not a fan. The bags are shpaed funny and the shoes seem overpriced for Theory.
  4. I like the Convertible Tote. I wonder if it's a very heavy bag? It says it's made of washed leather, so I imagine it's pretty soft. Saks has got the same one in blue and the leather sort of reminds me of the leather on a Gustto Baca.

    The price doesn't seem too bad, compared to similar bags from other well known designers.
  5. Oh, this is what I wanted to know....someone who had "tried them on." Mixed reviews, but that's what I wanted to know. I just couldn't really key in on any of them, but I saw a couple that I thought others I know on here might like.

    And Pursegrrl, I was shocked too that Theory had bags. I've just never seen one, or - more surprising - haven't heard of them on here!! :smile:

    I'm going to guess that convertible bag is at least sorta heavy. It is distressed leather and that is usually thick leather, which translates to a heavier bag even before it's fully loaded.

    Thanks for the replies, everybody.

  6. I saw a similar bag at the Theory outlets in MA, I think it was khaki colored, not the same blue, so perhaps if you like it a lot, check out the outlets first, they had other bags marked half off.
  7. Haven't seen any of those... don't really like them though... all I have is a denim tote from them that they gave away for spending too much money on their clothing at Bloomies:P
  8. That's what eluxury is doing now with Isabella Fiore! It's kind of like poking a rabid beast with a stick, but instead of a beast, it's us, and instead of a stick, it's free bags. Evil geniuses!