TheOC On Soapnet

  1. The OC Begins Today On Soapnet. 2pm & 6pm. I Just Starting Watching It...I Love This First Episode!!!

    BTW ~ I Believe One Tree Hill Be On Right On @ 1pm & 5pm.

    Have Fun!!!
  2. i was just going to post something about this but you beat me to it!!!

    i am soooooooo excited they are doing re-runs on tv finally!!!!:yahoo:

    i dont know why but this is my all time favorite show!!!
  3. I am watching right now. I am so excited!
  4. its very fun!!! can you believe how YOUNG ryan looks in these early eps?
  5. me too! what a nice suprise to find on tv!!
  6. My Favorite Too!!! I'm Am So Happy.....Didn't The Repeats Start Quick???!!!!!!