Then and now, family pics

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  1. So I first got into Balenciaga almost 3 years ago. The first pic is of my collection lastyear, and the last pic is of my current collection.
    family10_bags.jpg family10_bags2.jpg familypic.jpg familyfall07.jpg
  2. Just for clarification, pictured in the first 3 pics are
    dark turq 04
    lilac 04
    lilac 03
    red 05
    seafoam 04
    turq 05
    marron 04
    caramel 003
    black 04

    In the last pic (my current collection)
    lilac 03
    black 04
    cinnamon 07
    yellow 07
    marron 04
    dark turq 04
    red 04 (which arrived today, yay!)

    I have a *thing* for 04 bags. I think the leather is the most amazing and smooshiest out of all the years. Plus I *love* the pewter hardware.
    Just need a green 03-4, and a marron 04 city (my twiggy is very worn out) to round out the collection lol. And maybe replace the new yellow with one from 03-04 as well. Gives me something to work on :smile:
  3. Nice! I too have a thing for pewter hw, but have never managed to get my hands on one. the 04 red with the pewter is jaw-dropping.
  4. The 04 dark turq takes my breathe away!! :love:

  5. I felt exactly the same thing seeing this one...I just love all your colors, hope one day I'll have enough guts to wear more color, congrats to a wellrounded collection!
  6. nice colors and collection! :tup:
    i see you've managed to hold onto that dark turq for quite some time... :drool:
  7. Wow your old and new collection is fab!! Love all the pewter..if only they would do this again!
  8. great collection! i love all the colors you have.
  9. Your collection is one of my top favourites, sunspark. :yahoo: You have great taste in colors and leather choices. I just *want* that 03 lilac of yours! LOL

    Congrats girl, fab collection! Good luck with the search for green and marron, I remember you've been looking for a marron forever now...
  10. [​IMG]

    :wtf: This group shot brings tears to my eyes!! GORGEOUS! :wtf: Sigh.
  11. B e a u t i f u l ! ! !
  12. WOW WOW WOW....fabulous!!!! You know I love that '04 turq LOL I think I would just love one '04 in my collection!!!
  13. Me too... wow!
  14. Thanks ladies:smile:

    The funny thing is, once I thought the turq had to go. I actually had it on eBay 3 times, and cancelled the auctions. I think once I listed it and it didn't sell-the bin price was pretty damn high. And now, I am *so happy* I never sold it. I don't even remember why I wanted to let it go.

    And the red I go today, the 04,. it is amazing. So soft and smooshy, the color is still true with no fading. I actually owned 2 red twiggys, 2 red citys, and 2 red days (all 05's) in search of the perfect one. And an 06 red day. Sold them all! This is the keeper. I can't even tell you how much I love this bag! It hangs with sexy curves. And only those with *really* broken in bags know what that looks like.

    The lilac 03, my love/hate relationship. It photos far more pink than it truly is. The handles are dark, the color is uneven. I paid way to much for it needs to go to LMB for some work. But for a pink/lilac bag, it truly is a nuetral. And is has great leather. Like wrinkled elephant skin. Which sounds far less applealing than it really is.

    Now I really want to intensify my search for more older bags, especially 04.
  15. I am ofically in love with your collection!!