Themed shirts for work-- for fun. Wear it if it's MASSIVE on you?

  1. Some Fridays at work (bank teller, very busy branch) we wear baseball shirts... we honestly haven't in a while. But it's like they can't ever freaking get me the right size. I'd be like a youth medium or something (they -literally- get them from Target) or even a small, and they come to me with a Large Adult mens shirt which does not fit my 5'2" 105lb frame! It's like a night shirt! I feel ridiculous. I mean I won't get sent home if I don't wear it, (I no longer have mine... actually it's just got a stain on it from my peroxide based facial wash because I wore it as that-- a night shirt!)

    But still, it aggravates me, I got a phonecall message today that we're wearing them tomorrow and it's like, if they get new ones mine is going to be like a large and they'll be like "it's a large... can we (as in me) shrink it?"

    Like NO. It looks stupid as all hell on me-- it's not my size, I look -sloppy- with an oversized shirt on-- it's not even cute big on me-- they never are.

    I just feel stupid for caring but then again it's like if we have to wear something why can't it just be my size? That's all I ask is that it is my size. Everyone else looks fine, they're all taller. 5'2" isn't super short or anything but it's just so annoying!

    Okay... I feel better now that I've ranted, haha.
  2. If the shirt looks tooo big on you and there is no way you can make it look cute, you shouldn't wear it. Maybe, you can wear team colors instead.
  3. When I worked at gap we would sometimes do things like this, and I loved it. If you like the idea of wearing the shirt and its just from target, could you just buy your own? Or is the style outdated now? If you don't want to buy one, I'd go with "team colors" like CarlyB said- that way you don't stick out like a sore thumb :smile: But I agree, you don't want to look sloppy at work. Good luck!
  4. I wouldn't wear it. I've worn enough of oversized shirts for student government activities in high school. They would buy XL for the entire class because then "everyone" could wear them.... Of course no girl except me would because it looked horrible. (I wore them because I was in student government, and it for for class spirit....)
  5. I work at Gamestop and all the shirts we get from the Microsoft rep are L through XXL. There's me and two guys who can never wear anything we get sent and we're all about the same height and proportions. Not like I have to wear them or anything, but wearing t-shirts to work is more comfortable. I have to buy my own.

    Our boss is a big football fan and during the football season people wear their jerseys...of course I can only find small jerseys [the girls kind] for, well, more than I'd ever pay for one.
  6. Claim you won't wear it as due to it's grossly oversized nature it is a health & safety hazard to you...unless they are idiots they won't make you wear it for fear of legal issues problem solved
  7. ITA to wear team colors so you still blend in. I had the same problem a couple jobs ago...we got company button front shirts with logo embroidered and they were all cut for mens sizing (our group was 95% male) so the buttons button the 'wrong' way and the cut is too boxy for us girls. And they were a super light tan shade which made me look ill. I wore mine occasionally b/c I didn't want to be seen as a party pooper but oh well you can't please everyone.
  8. Clever!
  9. I'd wear it even if it's large. Since it's work, it's best just to be a team player, KWIM? What I do when shirts are too big (I'm also small and have the same problem as you!) is fit the t-shirt with a hair band, ala the Hooters look. Just gather the excess fabric in the back and secure it with a hair band. You can leave it out as a "tail" or just tuck it under (which I prefer). It'll look a little more fitted that way, and you'll blend in with everyone else!