Themed Party - "The Beach Party"

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  1. So my girlfriend is leaving for a one year program to Australia and she'll be going around to Thailand, Cambodia etc so we decided to throw her a going away private club party and they chose to do a "beach party" theme. I know a lot of the girls who are invited will be wearing bikini's with a sheer cover (I know a little riskay for me as well:girlsigh:). So for me, even though I'm young and would consider myself pretty fit... I'm NOT going to be wearing just a bikini to party in... Does anyone have any idea's for something to wear that would still be in the "beach" theme?

  2. a tank with a sarong over some shorts would be cute.

    or a beacky type dress? something flowy and light?
  3. Oh! I didn't think of a sarong... I might try something on to see how it looks. I'm really short so I thought that may look weird. I was thinking of going almost the opposite of what most of the girls will be doing and go almost tom-boyish but still cute.

    I'm not sure. *yikes* all I know is that I'm definitely not going to be going in a bikini...=P
  4. haha im short!

    i think sarongs look good on anyone.

    ohh if you want to go for the tomboyish look how about some surf shorts (roxy has really cute ones) and a boy-ish tank?

    ohhh.... how about a wetsuit and some scuba gear? (jk)
  5. Oh! I wonder if there is a picture of her standing up.

    Couture Dreams - Maybe I should just cut trying to be cute and just go in the body suit!:biggrin:
  6. Oh duh... If I clicked the link that you put under your post I'd see it...:shame:
  7. Hmmm.

    How about short tube dresses (the kind that is more A line, more flared and not too fitted), or a long white flowy skirt which you can team with a bikini top, or a camisole. Both are pretty easy to wear, and you can definitely party in them :yes:
  8. What about a cute swimsuit one piece-I'm thinking 50's style or a cut out one,they both hide more than a bikini lol.
  9. Im telling you he wetsuit is the way to go. definitely will be a conversation starter. haha

    maybe you can find your scuba steve there and fall in love? (if you arent already)
  10. Last time I went to the beach, I wore a maxi dress over my bikini. It had a resort-style print, so I think it was beach worthy. Plus, super comfortable!