Themed Nail Polish


Nov 11, 2012
So lately I've been on a fantasy kick, and I've been looking for polishes that remind me of faeries and princesses and the like. I immediately thought of Sinful Colors Cinderella (baby blue sheer with pink shimmer) and Cult Nails Charming (lavender crelly with pale lavender shimmer). I'm currently hunting for more!

This got me you like grouping the polishes in your collection according to theme? Do you buy polishes specifically because they remind you of specific things, like fairy tales, vampires, old Hollywood, etc? Are you drawn towards polish collections revolving around specific themes, like Rescue Beauty Lounge Tudor Housewives collection (4 polishes inspired by Henry VIII's wives) or the OPI NYC Ballet collection (6 polishes inspired by ballet and dancers)?


Oct 21, 2012
Interesting question. I think I get interested by a name relating tonsometjingni like (for instance, sic fi references or my favorite book references). But normally I stop there. I'm picky about buying polish and so I have to really like it and think about it before I buy. And normally, the polish just doesn't quite do what I want it to do.

I think that I set even higher standards for the polishes that are name this way. Like they have to be as spectacular as such and such a movie or book. As of yet, I only have one or two inspired by stuff I really like. (although, no one has made a polish collection based on my absolute favorite show yet. And I doubt it will happen.)

As for looking for polishes with a certain theme, I do that a lot. I find that I like 'cartoony' polishes the best. An example would be Dollish Polish 1-up or Crowstoes Bone Daddy. Stuff with lots of matte glitters- big and chunky. So lately I have been looking fornstuff with that kind of feel.

I'm interested to hear everyone else's answers.


Jan 12, 2012
Minnesota, USA
Cool themes definitely will pique my interest, but I have to like the color before I buy (especially if the colors don't really fit the theme in my mind).


Aug 30, 2012
Northern VA
I will fully admit that I bought the entire (mini) collection of Dollish Polish's "naughty" line. The names just cracked me up and I had to have them. Honestly they are nothing special... just basic colors, but they were too funny.

In general though, I could care less what the name of the polish, or it's collection, is. Most of the time I don't even look! If I like the color, I get it. If I don't, I pass.

*want it all*

Jul 6, 2008
I know others who do buy themed polishes, but I don't purchase them unless the colors grab me. On the flip side, I have also been super turned off to themed polishes when the character, movie, etc. leaves a bad taste in my mouth. :yucky:

Oh, and lastly, I have definitely refused to buy a polish based on the name alone if the name is eyerolling (e.g, anything having to do w/farts). :hrmm: :rolleyes:


Nov 11, 2012
Only one theme set has ever grabbed me due to theme, and that was the Pretty and Polished Adventure Time Mathematical collection. I did not already have any of the colors, plus they matched up with my taste in indies in addition to being a great interpretation of the show's characters. Other than that I have been pretty judgmental regarding themed polishes (mostly for sci-fi series). I think my only current theme lemming is Emily de Molly's Fifth Element, and that is primarily because it is an amazing looking polish.


Feb 10, 2012
Good question! Funny or clever names will def get me to buy an average color. And a themed set based on my favorite book or movie would get me to buy polishes for sure if I can connect with the names or colors.


polish addict!
Apr 5, 2011
Themed polish always tempts me... But it has to have more than just a great theme
This. I was more than ready to snag the entire Mario collection from Dollish simply because I'm a Mario freak, but looking back on it now I'm really not in love with most of the collection and I'm glad I never ended up getting it.


May 18, 2012
I need to love the color first, the theme second.

HOWEVER, when Happy Hands came out with the "Arrested Development" collection, I was drawn to Mayonegg even though that's not normally a color combo I would choose :smile:

I also remember being really excited when Nostalgic came out with a "Clueless" collection, but I limited myself to only purchasing the ones I liked best.