Theme Parks !!

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  1. Do you love Theme Parks ?
    Which is you're favourite one ?
    Which is you're favourite ride ?
    Do you get motion sickness ?

    I was a real party pooper at Six Flags, I refused to go on any of the rides because of motion sickness from watching everybody else. :sick: Im such a scared-y cat !! :shame:
  2. haha i am terrified of rides.. the only one's i go on is one called the Pirate Ship that goes up really high side to side and this one called the scrambler that zips every which way.. i don't go on roller coasters or anything really.. haha total motion sickness/fear!
  3. lol Maaaaaan. I cant even remember the last theme park I went to. . .I think we went to Adventure Island my Junior year of high school. . .? I know what you mean Pradasmeadow, I was such a party popper lol I felt so bad! I like roller coasters but not the crazy ones that throw your body in every single direction possible X_x I barely went on anything! But I dont know why I still like theme parks. I guess it's the company I keep :]
  4. Do you love Theme Parks ? YES!!!
    Which is you're favourite one ? EPCOT
    Which is you're favourite ride ? SOARIN
    Do you get motion sickness ? SOMETIMES DEPENDS ON THE RIDE.

    Cute thread!

  5. Do you love Theme Parks ? Yes, I love them!
    Which is you're favourite one ?
    Disney World was a blast!

    Which is you're favourite ride ? Mmm, the elevator one, can't think of the name. My 10 year old and I went on that together. LOL Scared the crap out of me, but he was laughing out loud!
    Do you get motion sickness ? Only in the car, if I'm not driving, on really long drives...ugh, I hate that feeling!
  6. Canada's wonderland. I went last summer with some friends and it was awesome!!! I hadn't been on a rollercoaster in so many years so I was very nervous, but I couldn't get enough.
    I was convinced to go on the "drop zone" that was a bad choice! lol Hydrolics basically push you towards the ground, its over in a few seconds..but wow! I hand my friends hand in mine and I had to let go to grab onto the bar, I pretty much panicked. I screamed, took in a huge breath, and then screamed again. lol Horrible...and never again. :smile:
  7. I can imagine :cry:
  8. I love Busch Gardens and Six Flags. My favorite rides are water rides. I don't get motion sickness from the rides, I just don't like the feel of airlessness when on a ride where my feet are dangling or I just don't feel secure.
  9. Love Theme Parks, but only for the crowds and food and scaredy-cat stuff like that. I'm too much of a wuss to ride roller coasters, haven't been on one in years. I absolutely hate the feeling of my stomach dropping. I don't mind turns and speed, but any type of drop and I'm no longer having fun. I can't even take those boat rides that whip back and forth anymore. Give me the bumper cars, tea cups, or the arcade, that's all I need!
  10. I love them! They sooo need to build one here, all we have is a crap waterpark.
  11. I LOVE amusement parks...but I find I'm getting too old for them. :sad2: 5-10 years ago, I could spend all day getting on the fastest, highest, loopiest roller coasters in the world. Now, I get sick on rides that spin too much. :weird:

    My favorite theme park is Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ and Busch Gardens in VA. I'm dying to go to Cedar Point in Ohio...everyone says they have the best roller coasters. Roller coasters are my favorite ride...especially the old school wooden ones! ;)
  12. I LOVELOVELOVE theme parks. I love roller coasters, especially the fast ones with a lot of loops and steep drops. I haven't been to too many parks but I really like King's Dominion because they have pretty good rollercoasters and it reminds me of when I was a lot younger. During the summers when I was in elementary school, my mom would always take us to King's Dominion like 5 times a summer (it's 2 hours away).

    Disney was actually kind of disappointing. The rides aren't that fantastic but the main attraction to the park is the experience? not the rides.
  13. I love Theme Parks... Magic Mountain, Great America, Disney, Universal. I love them all.
  14. Do you love Theme Parks ? yesss
    Which is you're favourite one ? Disney Land!!! I just went in December and also of course water parks
    Which is you're favourite ride ? Space Mountain is the best ride I've ever been on
    Do you get motion sickness ? no
  15. omg. the kingda ka(spelling?) ride at great adventures is absolutely out of this world. i loved it.