Theme Park :All Aboard For The Harry Potter Rollercoaster

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  1. All I can say That's pretty big. Way to GO, J.K.!

    I'm not a fan though, and I've never read a Harry Potter book or seen any of the movies, as it's something that never interested me whatsoever, but I AM a big fan of theme parks, and I try to go to the ones in Florida as much as possible. I can see myself going to "Harry Potter Land" or whatever if the park gets built and I happen to be in the area, but it will never replace Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure in my book. Ha ha @ "book." No pun intended.
  2. I hate roller coaster rides. But this is quite an amazing achievement for JKR .
  3. :nuts:i'm a harry potter fan...i hope to see it when it's built!
  4. Insane, but what happens in 10 years when it is not as popular as it is now?
  5. I read this today and am sooo there in 2009!! I'm dragging my poor DH with me who said "Shouldn't we like borrow some kids or something?" and I assured him that the park will be full of adults:graucho:
  6. JKR was such a broke single mum that she was getting food stamps at the time her first Henry Potter manuscript was accepted.

    JKR is my idol. She is a real life woman trying to help her kids in the best way she knows: her writing.

    Thousands of children are at risk because the biological father abandoned them. The birth mothers are poor and need help. JKR demonstrates that devoted single Mums do whatever they can to keep their children safe and fed.

    Every time a Harry Potter novel or a franchise/theme park announcememt is released, I roar a "Good for you and your family" cheer to JKR.
  7. OMG...I am SO there in 2009!!!! :yahoo:
  8. wooooooooo hooooooooo!!!!! :smile: i cant wait i just saw this and didnt think to post it in tv so i posted in the wrong place! :smile: BUT EITHER WAY YAYAYAAYYA :smile: I AM SO GOING TO FLORIDA JUST FOR THIS :smile:
  9. I'm so excited about this...
  10. Ok that place looks awesome!! I'll go!
  11. Yay! I will go and LOVE it. First Seuss Landing, now Harry Potter? Universal rocks.

    I am anxiously awaiting book 7! Only a few more weeks....I preordered from Amazon and I am worried that I will hear all the damn spoilers before I get my copy.
  12. Oh man I totally want to work there!
  13. i wanna go!!
  14. YAY! Can't wait for that! When I saw it in the paper I text my harry potter mates to let them know the good news! haha!