Theme for 2008

  1. Hi Ladies & Gents

    Happy New Year to you all and may 2008 fulfil all your dreams.

    Can anyone tell me what is the Hermes theme for 2008 and does anyone know what the Cadena will be?

  2. I believe it is Year of India. I don't know as yet the cadena.
  3. ^ Lotus?

  4. I have been buying hermes for years but it is only now that I have become involved with this forum that I am beginning to learn about everything. This is facinating ..... does hermes have a theme every year? when did this start? Could you please tell me what a cadena is? I LOVE THIS FORUM! :heart:
  5. The Cadena is a lock: H makes different ones each year to celebrate their theme. I don't know exactly when the theme thing started, I remember that 1997 was the Year of Africa and that's when I became aware for the first time that each year had a different theme.....HTH
  6. Concur with Ms Piggy - the lotus flower is the theme for the cadena this year.
    Can't wait to see it! :girlsigh:
  7. Here a link to the reference section here on tPF that lists the cadena (lock) for each year (post #31). And a link to H online where you can see a couple they have for sale:
  8. These are the only one I know and don't take as 'gospel' as I might be wrong. I'm sure one of the experts will chip in with clarification:tup:
    1994: The Year of the Sun
    1996: Music
    1997: Africa
    1998: The Tree
    1999: Stars and Mythology
    2000: New Life
    2001: The Beauty of the Earth
    2002: The Hand
    2003: The Mediterranean Sea
    2004: Ideas and Fantasy
    2005: The River, Hippopotamus
    2006: The Year of Paris

    2007: The Year of Dance

  9. Yes, I am also reliably informed that Hermes are bringing out a new "Un Jardin" fragrance this year, by Jean-Claude Elena, built around the Indian theme.
  10. Argh, I don't like the Indian theme, being brought up very much as an Indian (my mom is 1/2 indian, my dad 3/4) and being a hindu, the generalised references that are made to Indian culture annoy me immensely. There is more to India than bright colours and curry.

    But i'm not going to rant on about that (the improvised Saris really annoyed me, it felt like JPG was emphasising the primitiviness of the sari. And the new leather colours, being related to curry powder and so on) But i'm pleased that the cadena isn't a pot of curry, but rather something related to indian culture and life. The lotus is a very symbolic flower, in India and Hinduism, so i'm pleased that theres more that's been taken into account by Hermes.
  11. That is so pretty. I love the lotus flower. :smile:
  12. Oooh, I don't even have a bag yet, but I want the lotus cadena. Are they generally hard to get, or would I be able to go to the boutique and pick one up without a big struggle?
  13. When is the new cadena usually released? And the general price range? Last but not least, is it typically (gold/palladium) plated (e.g. Birkin/Kelly locks)? TIA!
  14. Me Too...I Can't Wait!!!!!!
  15. If anyone can answer the first question, I'd be ever so grateful. I found answers to the rest.