theITbag collection (to be continued...)


Feb 23, 2006
Aaahhhhh!!!! All your postings are making me want to show my goodies too.:amazed:

Funny 'cause after I took this picture, I realized I left out my Spy and Whiskey Paddy. I guess I'll have to continue this another time.:huh:

0.jpg is round two... i'm missing my Whiskey Paddy. She's sick with the plague and at the shop. Unfortunately, what initially started as a small pen mark has spread throughout her body and turned into a blackened silver-dollar size mess. Aaiyh! i seemed to have removed everything else besides that pen mark. I hope she will be okay.

Oh look, it's a flying handbag!

*while everyone stares upwards, steals gorgeous red bag*

What's a beautiful collection! I hope everything works out for your paddy.
Thanks guys. I'm glad there are others out there in this world who appreciates the beauty of beautiful bags.:cool:

Since I am still procrastinating, I've decided to label these bags for your viewing pleasure. :biggrin:


jasanna143 said:
Love the MJ Chevron bag! And is that a Chanel bag I see too? It's so cute! When/where did you get it?

Thanks for your kind words. There are 4 Chanels in the pictures. They are all circa 2002. When I like a particular designer's collection, I tend to buy several pieces from that season. I haven't gotten anything Chanel of late. I decided to give the black Caviar tote up for adoption to another PF member. That's okay, 'cause I know that it'll receive the kind of attention it deserve. I've kind of gone bonkers for Bbags lately.:wacko: