theITbag collection (to be continued...)

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  1. Aaahhhhh!!!! All your postings are making me want to show my goodies too.:amazed:

    Funny 'cause after I took this picture, I realized I left out my Spy and Whiskey Paddy. I guess I'll have to continue this another time.:huh:

  2. oooh! i LOVE THAT MJ BAG...! Great collection-Thanks for sharing!!
  3. Wow, that's a really nice collection!
  4. Nice! :love:
    Lots of goodies there for sure.
  5. Gorgeous especially the MJ!
  6. is round two... i'm missing my Whiskey Paddy. She's sick with the plague and at the shop. Unfortunately, what initially started as a small pen mark has spread throughout her body and turned into a blackened silver-dollar size mess. Aaiyh! i seemed to have removed everything else besides that pen mark. I hope she will be okay.

  7. Love the MJ Chevron bag! And is that a Chanel bag I see too? It's so cute! When/where did you get it?
  8. Oh look, it's a flying handbag!

    *while everyone stares upwards, steals gorgeous red bag*

    What's a beautiful collection! I hope everything works out for your paddy.
  9. Wow! That's a lovely collection!
  10. Thanks guys. I'm glad there are others out there in this world who appreciates the beauty of beautiful bags.:cool:

    Since I am still procrastinating, I've decided to label these bags for your viewing pleasure. :biggrin:


  11. i don't know what i like most, so i'll just say love it all!!
  12. Thanks for your kind words. There are 4 Chanels in the pictures. They are all circa 2002. When I like a particular designer's collection, I tend to buy several pieces from that season. I haven't gotten anything Chanel of late. I decided to give the black Caviar tote up for adoption to another PF member. That's okay, 'cause I know that it'll receive the kind of attention it deserve. I've kind of gone bonkers for Bbags lately.:wacko:
  13. oops...found some typos.:shame:


  14. Very nice! You have all my favs in such gorgeous colors!
  15. Great collection. I wish mine was at least half that size..