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  1. Hi everyone, please dont think that in any way am I saying that [​IMG]thehuangfamily are selling fakes. I went on Ebay and noticed that [​IMG]thehuangfamily have bags on brand new and they have two of the same bag or different styles in a particular bag. Like eg. LOUIS VUITTON CHERRY BLOSSOM POCHETTE BAG PINK MURAKAMI they have 2 of them in what looks like brand new condition, second example Cherry blossom pochette bag in red flowers - 2 of these. they also have 2 BRAND NEW LV TRAPEZE bags in exactly the same model. Doesnt this seem a little weird to you, have a look eBay UK Shop - AUTHENTIC CHERRY VUITTON HOUSE:
  2. The Huang Family always has limited edition bags -- new ones -- for sale. I think they are authentic, just pricy IMO.
  3. agreed with lulilu
  4. the family always sell limited edition and real..their price is always high..
  5. Their pricing is ridiculous, but the bags should be real.
  6. yes the bags are real :yes:. i'm hoping to get 3 from them :graucho:
  7. does anyone definately know these bags are the real deal? if i coud be sure that they are authentic there are a couple of things i would like to have but i am terrified of getting scammed. how do they get these? i hope somebody has the skinny on thehuangfamily. thanks! queen
  8. They are a MPRS :shrugs:
  9. i have heard two things 1.) they sell authentic LV and 2.) they sell superfakes. Which one, who knows? I tend to believe they are real. What i know for damn sure is that their stuff is overpriced IMO. Roll all of these things into one ball and it means i wont be buying anything from them unless there is clarification and/or a price drop
  10. There have been MANY discussions of the Huang family on the ebay purse board. I don't remember the gist of the discussions, but you can find them by doing a search.
  11. mprs?
  12. I just think that someone who buys 2 of the same LV bags from Louis Vuitton, doesnt use them and then tries to sell them on Ebay...why ? they could of got a refund if they didnt want the bag.
  13. They are resellers of AUTHENTIC LV.
  14. Their prices are way higher than retail... so they make a bunch of money.
    And they very likely don't sell their own bags, thehuangfamily is a reseller. But I agree w/ the ones above, I'd never buy anything from them.