Theese people think my LV is a fake! lol

  1. Do you know the situation when some stupids ask you if your bag is authentic or a fake?

    I hate it, but this story is so funny it has to be told:

    some months ago I went out for dinner with my mom, she was wearing her limited edition denim chinchilla LV ( I Think it's a trapez pm).
    So we were enjoying our delicious italien dinner, while at a table near by a couple was staring at us and wispering something. The girl had a LV pochette, which I think is really odd but that's only my oppinion.
    When we were leaving the restaurant and passing by the table of the couple, she said to him: " If I had to buy a fake Vuitton, I would choose a model that Vuitton really produces!" and she gave my mom "That look".
    My mom and I were really laughing! So Mom ordered to glases of prossecco for the couple, went back and thanked them, because she had not laughed that much in weeks.
    The girl tried to embaress my mom but in the end she embaressed just herself.

    So girls and boys do your home work before u accuse some one of having a fake ;)

    If you had such experiences also, plz post it. . .
  2. haha.. nice come back :tup:
  3. haha, kill them with kindness! your mom sounds like a wonderful woman; i loved your story.
  4. So far no one has douted the authenticty of my bags.
  5. Just a week ago, I went into a Whole Foods grocery store. I proceeded directly to the energy bar shelf and was looking over the selection. I then heard a man ask "Is his bag a fake?" a woman replied LOUDLY "BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT". I had a Porte-Document Vertical in Monogram-Bequia Anthracite slung over my shoulder. I turned and looked at her to receive one of those elitist glares. She was carrying a really worn out Cabas Piano (Authentic), but because she was ignorant as to any of the new models, she assumed mine was fake. She wanted me to feel some sort of shame for carrying what she thought was a knock-off.
  6. I don't belittle people for being unaware of LE pieces, however that was rude for someone to whisper in earshot of another regarding the authenticity of their purse. I'd just laugh and educate them, in which case they'd feel stupid for making the comment.
  7. hope ot hear more stories....:tup:
  8. wow, what your mom did was so smart! :tup:
  9. Great story! lol Kudos to you & your mom. :tup:
  10. What is it that makes people just lose all sense of decorum and respect in public ? Why is it so totally necessary to subject another person to such blatant rudeness and hostility over a ridiculous handbag ??? I see people's lives cut short by illness on a daily the grand scheme of life, what kind of handbag a person carries is simply insignificant. These people need to get a life...

    Sorry you and your mother had to encounter such negativity by someone trying to judge you on the bag you have a great attitude and I hope it didn't ruin your evening in the long run.
  11. Your mom handled that situation in a very classy way, good for her!
  12. Hehe what did that couple say after your mom went to go thank them? I bet that girl totally ate her words!!!
  13. whats prosecco?

    ...someone asked me if my mcspeedy was fake because the lv's were upside down, and i just laughed in her facr and said id never wear a fake honey...
  14. OP's mom is AWESOME!!!!!

    Does she need another daughter? :smile:
  15. Italian sparkling wine.