1. Has anyone shopped from this site??

    I'm looking at their JUICY stuff, and it looks real to me... plus 50% off retail prices!!

    Does anyone know if there stuff is real or has shopped from this site? The site their stuff is 100% authentic, but I wanted some TPF members input please. :yes:
  2. I think that there has been a thread on that site before that you can search for and I think the consensus was that they sell fakes. You can also do a search on the BBB website to see what they have to say about the site.
  3. definently fake, don't buy from them.
  4. ^^^^yup !!! Fake !!!!!!:yucky:
  5. They're fakes. If you need authentication on any denim, check out

    They're great, and you can buy/sell in their Honest Mall.
  6. Wooo thanks guys!